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Posters! Please choose:

All-round talent
from 173.00 SEK NETT
183.38 SEK GROSS
  • Size DIN A0 to DIN B2
  • Numerous design possibilities
The classic poster is used as an advertising, event or trade fair poster. Decide how your perfect product looks and choose between 100gsm, 135gsm glossy paper, opaque 115gsm affichen paper or with a matt finish in 135gsm or 170gsm to show your product.
Corrugated Plastic Posters
Outside asked
from 189.00 SEK NETT
200.34 SEK GROSS
Corrugated Plastic Posters
  • Weather resistant
  • UV-resistant
Corrugated plastic posters are made for outdoor use and are used as an option or event poster. Print your advertising messages on robust and light polypropylene plates in DIN A0 or DIN A1 format, which defy wind, rain and solar radiation.
Light Box Posters
Luminous appearance
from 317.00 SEK NETT
336.02 SEK GROSS
Light Box Posters
  • Outdoor use
  • Quantities of 25 to 1,000 pieces
The name says it all! Present your products using light box advertising media at prominent inner-city points such as bus stops, car parks or pedestrian zones. In the evening and at night, they are a real eye-catcher when your posters start to radiate on 175gsm Megalight in the truest sense of the word.
Large-Format Posters
from 628.00 SEK NETT
665.68 SEK GROSS
Large-Format Posters
  • Posters in their largest form
  • Suitable for overlaying
At train stations, on high streets or in city centres: our large-format posters with a total area of 8.75m² ideally present your product. We print them on sturdy 120gsm poster paper with an opaque backing that reliably prevents older posters underneath from shining through.
Digitally Printed Posters in Short Runs
Special feature
from 157.00 SEK NETT
166.42 SEK GROSS
Digitally Printed Posters in Short Runs
  • Small quantities up to 25 pieces
  • Indoor & Outdoor use
Versatility has a name – Digitally printed posters! Print your posters in small quantities in the format of DIN A0 to DIN B2 with an area of 1.4m². Choose opaque 120gsm affichen paper for outdoor use or shiny 240gsm indoor paper for large area advertising in rooms. Your printed product starts to light up when you opt for the clear 175μm backlight paper for placement in light boxes.
from 181.00 SEK NETT
191.86 SEK GROSS
Posters in neon colours
  • Printed in black on one side
  • Popular DIN formats
  • Starting at 181.00 kr NETT
Our neon-coloured posters are real eye-catchers: at flea markets, concerts or other events. The combination of neon background and black one-sided printing is mesmerizing, making it hard for people to look away. Advertise for your event with posters in popular DIN formats from A0 to A3 on 80gsm paper in your choice of yellow, green, magenta or orange.

Other Print Products

Post and Greeting Cards
Post and Greeting Cards
from 521.10 SEK nett
552.37 SEK gross
from 581.00 SEK nett
615.86 SEK gross
Folded Leaflets
Folded Leaflets
from 1826.00 SEK nett
1935.56 SEK gross

Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

druck check
Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Print Posters at – Come Out Big for Any Occasion

Our posters are the right medium for attracting lots of attention. We offer them in a wide variety of versions, sizes and materials so you can always get just what you need. Maps, trade fair posters, photo posters, event announcements – when we print posters, as our customer you can count on getting your money’s worth.

Make Your Poster As Large as Your Message Deserves

We offer posters of various kinds, which are available in different sizes. The following overview lists them in the order that they appear in our online shop, from left to right.

Seven Different Poster Sizes

We print posters in seven different sizes for a host of applications, for advertising or announcements, for hanging or pinning:
  1. A0 = 84.1 x 118.9cm: for concerts, events, promotions, product adverts or announcements
  2. A1 = 59.4 x 84.1cm: for flip charts, film adverts, transport schedules, maps or festival posters
  3. A2 = 42 x 59.4 cm: for flip charts, concerts, transport schedules, maps or film adverts
  4. A3 = 29.7 x 42cm: for drawings, plans, diagrams, concerts, school announcements, art reproductions or events
  5. A4 = 21 x 29.7cm: for school posters, private announcements or official communications
  6. B1 = 70 x 100cm: for art reproductions, maps, film adverts or events
  7. B2 = 50 x 70cm: for events, concerts or themed posters for framing

Corrugated Plastic Posters: an Expressive Duo

Corrugated plastic posters and mainly used for outdoor advertising and electoral campaigns. In other words, when it is wished to continuously or repetitively communicate a message, announcement or advertising topics during a period of weeks. Here you can choose between two sizes:
  • A0 = 84.1 x 118.9cm
  • A1 = 59,.4 x 84.1 m
They are great for pinning to fences, railings, building fronts, exhibition stands, scaffolds etc.

Light Box Posters – One Standard Size

We’ve all seen light box posters at bus stops, in pedestrian precincts, in carparks and train stations and at other heavily trafficked locations. So that you can use them anywhere, we print them in the standard size 121.5 x 178.0cm (about 2.16sqm). Your customers and prospects in the east, west, north and south will be de-lighted with your illuminating messages and illustrations.

Large Format Posters

18/1 is the largest size in which we produce posters. These biggies are mostly used by global players, large corporations and major retail chains and service providers. Although you could definitely also make a huge impression on your loved one by posting a marriage proposal in this format right across from their flat. The printable area of an 18/1 poster measures 356 x 252cm (about 8.97sqm).

Digitally Printed Posters: Good Things Come in Sixes

Our digitally printed posters are intended for private use. They are available in small quantities of between one and 20 in these sizes:
  • XXL = 70 x 100cm: for pictures and motifs for framing, art reproductions and event announcements
  • XL (A0) = 84.1 x 118.9cm: for photo prints, good tidings, wall decorations and decorative lighting
  • L (B1) = 50 x 70cm: for frameable prints, fan posters and party announcements
  • M (A1) = 59.4 x 84.1cm: for party posters, art reproductions, seasonal themes and backlit posters
  • S (B2) = 42 x 59.4cm: for art reproductions, concert adverts, maps, film posters and LED art
  • XS (A2) – 29.7 x 42cm: for announcements and motif prints

Our Largest for Use Anywhere

No matter which of our poster types you choose, one thing is sure: they won’t go unnoticed. Light box posters shine brightly in towns and cities, attracting attention all night long. Lightweight corrugated plastic posters are ideally suited for easy hanging in unusual places. And large-format 18/1 posters, the biggest that we offer, broadcast your message far and wide.

Seven Tips for Choosing a Material

Where posters are concerned, it is the material (rather than the weight) that is the distinguishing feature. This is due to the fact that not all materials are equally well-suited for a given use. We list our recommendations below, along with helpful information on the different types and sizes which are available.

Our Eco-Paper: Great for Indoor Posters

Our Enviro Top paper reflects your commitment to the planet with its “Blue Angel” sustainability mark. It weighs only 80gsm and is super-white in colour. We use it only to print posters intended for indoor use.

Our Art Paper: Three Weights

Our art paper comes in three different weights with two different surface types. We use it to print posters for both indoor use and light boxes. You can choose from the following:
  • 100gsm – glossy in A1, A2, A3, A4, B1 and B2
  • 135gsm – matt in A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B1 and B2
  • 135gsm – glossy in A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B1 und B2
  • 150gsm – matt for light boxes measuring 121.5 x 178cm

Our Poster Paper: Good in Two Ways

Our special poster paper is our all-rounder. It scores points with its wide range of uses, especially outdoors, and by being
  • weather-resistant,
  • opaque and
  • tear-proof.
This makes it excellently suited for:
  • wheat-pasting,
  • overpasting and
  • outdoor advertising.
We use it in two weights for three different poster types:
  • 115gsm: for posters of all sizes, including 18/1 giant posters
  • 120gsm: for 18/1 giant posters and posters in the sizes XL (A0), L (B1), M (A1) and S (B2)

Quite Illuminating: Our Backlighting Foil

This transparent 175µm-thick foil is ideal for putting your them in a very special light. It can be used for indoor or outdoor posters or for beautiful decorative LED objects with a Plexiglas cover.

Our 240gsm Indoor Paper for Utter Brilliance

We recommend this bright white, high-gloss paper when you want the colours or pictures on your posters to jump right out at you with total brilliance and sharpness. As the name suggests, it is only intended for indoor use.

Weather-Proof Polypropylene – Resistant to the Sun, Wind and Rain

Our heaviest, most robust and most weather-resistant material is our 450gsm polypropylene. We offer it for outdoor advertising of all kinds, from election campaigns all the way to party announcements.

We Deliver Fast

Sometimes your choices and/or the availability of space require you to get your posters produced and delivered in a hurry. Fortunately for you, we can print all types of posters very fast. That said, exactly how fast depends on the size and material you request. Here are some examples of how long it can take us to print and deliver different types:
  • Ordinary posters: between three and eight working days
  • Corrugated plastic posters: six to eight working days
  • Light box posters: nine to 13 working days
  • 18/1 giant posters: six to nine working days
  • Digitally printed posters: three to eight working days
It makes a different which delivery option you choose: SameDay, Express or Standard. In every case, however, the price includes delivery. This way you know at a glance exactly how much our speed is worth to you.

Our recommendations for printing Posters

Explore the wide range of print products available from! All of our topics at a glance: Product Group Posters, Posters, Corrugated Plastic Posters, Light Box Posters, Large-Format Posters, Digitally Printed Posters in Short Runs, Posters in neon colours.

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