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Product Group: Post and Greeting Cards

We put your message – whether it brings good tidings or condolences - on paper: in the form of postcards (also self-adhesive) and greeting cards. In full colour (4c) or black & white (1c). On one or both sides. You design them – we print them. On time and attractively priced.

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Product: Greeting cards

Show your cards! To announce a wedding, say hi from your holiday, let everyone know that baby has arrived – we’ll print your greetings in appropriate DIN sizes or large, also circular for making the rounds. Available in quantities between 250 and 10,000. Always in brilliant colour.



Our recommendation for you

50 Greeting cards
Square large (14.8 x 14.8cm)
220gsm crisp feel with a textured ribbed surface, cream
4-sided/1-fractured fold with scoring
4/4 (full colour) double-sided print
Delivered folded

180.90 SEK nett
191.75 SEK gross

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Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

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Greetings from Us!

Who isn’t happy to receive a personal greeting card, no matter what the occasion is? Even under sorrowful circumstances, we please our customers by printing first-class cards at prices that are almost too good to be true.

Panel Discussion

We print your greeting cards in the usual DIN formats: A5, A6, A7 and DL. With four or six panels and one of the following fold types:
  • For four panels: single fold with scoring
  • For six panels: tri-fold (letter fold) or concertina fold with scoring

Stunning Colours

The colours we print on both sides of your greeting cards (on 300gsm matt art paper) are nothing short of glorious. To make sure that they last as long as possible, we recommend that you also have the cards laminated on the outside (which takes the most abuse) with one of the following:
  • Glossy plastic
  • Matt plastic
  • Soft-touch plastic
Or add a special touch of color with our 220gsm Ribbed Surface paper in colours
  • Cream
  • White
If the sustainability of your paper is particularly important to you, we recommend the following Grammage paper:
  • 250gsm ecological paper (EnviroTop)
  • 250gsm uncoated paper
If you prefer to stay in the norm, simply revert to our two standard Grammage paper:
  • 250gsm Gloss
  • 300gsm Matt

5000 Greetings in Two Days

Do you need 5000 greeting cards printed by the day after tomorrow? No problem: simply specify SameDay and you’ll receive them within 48 hours. With the Express option, they will be printed and delivered within three working days, and Standard orders take a maximum of five days to arrive. But the best part is that shipping costs you nothing extra, as it is included in the price of production.

Your Satisfaction Is in the Cards

Apart from our low production prices and free shipping, our customers especially appreciate our good quality as well as our generosity. Because we guarantee 100% satisfaction, and if there are ever any complaints we refund the full price paid to first-time customers and come up with a generous solution to restore the faith of regulars. Greetings from your affordable online print shop!

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