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We print flyers in all popular DIN and special formats. Folded or flat. In a single or full colour. With one or more pages. If you like, even including bespoke die cutting to make your flyer cut an even better figure.

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Product: Folded Flyers

Folded from top to bottom, left to right, once or twice, with a concertina or letter fold, with or without a crease – we have the right tools for producing all this and more, even with heavy 300gsm paper. Make your advertising message fly!

Our recommendation for you

50 Folded Flyers
DIN A7 (7.4 x 10.5cm)
300gsm matt coated paper
4 Pages scored and folded
4/4 (full colour) double-sided print

184.00 SEK nett
195.04 SEK gross

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State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Print Folded Flyers at – We Make Your Advertising Take Off

Four or 16 panels. Folded once or multiple times. No matter what you choose, we’re glad to print your folded flyers for you – custom-made based on your layout and optimised for achieving your goals – as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Five Flyer Folding Schemes That Win Customers

How to Pack Lots of Information into a Small Format

Folded leaflets are ideal when you want to include quite a bit of information without having to cram it in. An A4 flyer with cross fold, for example, gives you eight whole pages without exceeding the standard DIN format of 21 x 29.7cm. It therefore fits comfortably into any filing system: ring binders, lever arch files, suspended files or stackable trays.

From Left to Right and Top to Bottom

The direction you choose for folding (or unfolding) your folded flyer depends on your goals, the target group and its reading habits, and the paper type. Here in Europe we’re used to reading from left to right and top to bottom. If you want to make sure to understandably get your message across, therefore, it would be counterproductive to choose any other scheme.

Test First, Then Design

To find out which folding scheme is best for your folded flyer, we recommend that you build a dummy and give it to members of your target group for testing. If they then unfold and read the dummy’s pages in the right order, you’ll know that you have made the right choice. Otherwise, back to the drawing board!

The Best Places to Put Content

Text and graphics that extend right up to or even across folds tend to wear and become illegible. So you’ll know where the folds and cuts will be made and can steer clear of them, we recommend that you start with one of our blank templates for the corresponding format. The pages are naturally numbered so you can identify the reading flow and direction of the folds at a glance. Our templates are also ideal for creating dummies for test purposes.

Score with Scoring

Scoring involves applying a rotary knife or other tool to gently pre-break the surface of the paper and prevent unsightly cracking of the paper, ink or coating during folding. We recommend it for papers with weights of 170gsm and above. At paper weights of 220gsm and more, scoring is automatically included in every folded leaflet job.

Five Proven Folding Schemes

The best folding scheme depends on the paper weight, format and number of sides or pages. The following guide explains which scheme is best in which situations:
  1. Half Fold: The sheet is folded once in the middle.
  2. Classic Letter Fold, Roll Fold, or Barrel Fold: The sheet receives two parallel folds in the same direction, resulting in two flaps that close inwards, one on top of the other.
  3. Z-Fold or Zigzag Fold: This scheme involves parallel folds in alternating directions.
  4. Gate Fold: Similar to a letter fold, except that the edges of the two flaps meet in the middle.
  5. Double Cross Fold or French Fold: The sheet is folded in the middle, then turned 90° and folded again, resulting in folds that form a cross.

We Give Weight to Your Selection

Where paper weights are concerned, the rule of thumb is that heavier stocks are also thicker and sturdier. Ultimately, however, the weight you go for depends on your budget, postage costs and goals. We give you a choice of 10, 80, 90, 120, 135, 170, 220, 250 and 300gsm.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the quality of the folded flyers we deliver to you should ever fall even slightly short of your expectations, as a new customer you will get a full refund with no questions asked. And clients who have been loyal to us for years know from experience that they can depend on us to find a satisfactory solution.

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