Further processing

Further processing


Multilateral print products are folded by a special machine which guarantees a neat edge of the product. Depending on the product, various foldings are available.

Please find an overview of the most common foldings below.

4 pages 1-fractured fold
4 pages 1-fractured fold
6 pages letter fold
6 pages letter fold
6 pages zigzag fold
6 pages zigzag fold
6 pages window fold
6 pages window fold
8 pages letter fold
8 pages letter fold
10 pages letter fold
10 pages letter fold
10 pages zigzag fold
10 pages zigzag fold
12 pages letter fold
12 pages letter fold
16 pages letter fold
16 pages letter fold


Print products which are produced with offset printing process can be upgraded with dispersion varnish. The refinement with dispersion varnish protects the product from traces of use and processing, as well as abrasion of colour.

Available for: Flyers printing, Business Cards printing


Some paper can be severed or ripped neatly (known as being perforated). The grooves which mark the tear position with little partial slashes are made by cutters..

Available for: Flyers DIN long with Business Card perforated printing, Tickets printing



It is possible to crease the paper before folding. By compression or displacement of the material, the folding position will be prepared for grooving, which makes this process high quality (it minimizes peeling of colour on the edge of the print products for example). 

Available for: Greeting Cards printing, Presentation Folders printing, Folded Leaflets printing

Please note: We recommend creasing for products which are printed on stronger paper starting at 170gsm or that are manufactured with digital print.



PrintCarrier.com offers certain products with one or two boreholes. They are drilled in the printing sheets by paper power drills. Boreholes are used for the simple filing of documents for example.

Available for: Carbonless Forms printing, Advertising Pads printing



For the punching of papers and cardboards, PrintCarrier.com uses various cutting dies, irons or lines. Compared to cutting, curved shapes can also be produced with punching.

Available for: Die Cut Flyers printing, Specially Shaped Stickers printing and Die Cut Sticky Notes printing




Firstly the printed pages are collected and folded. Afterwards they will be connected by applying two metal clips.

Available for: CD Wallets printing, Stapled Brochures printing, Menus printing

Please note: Suited for brochures with a limited number of pages which depend on the used paper type. A brochure with an inner part of 70gsm and a cover of 135gsm paper can be bound with double staple finish containing up to 148 pages.

Loop Stitched

Compared to double staple finish, eyes are made with ring eye stapling in the form of half rings of wire to assist with filing in folders.

Available for: CD Wallets printing, Loop Stitched Brochures printing, Menus printing

Please be aware of the creep!

Ordering products with double staple finish and ring eye stapling an overlap of the paper occurs (swatooth distortion). It has to be considered while creating the artwork, and will be cut off afterwards to ensure a straight edge of your product.

If you need any help with creating your artwork, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Perfect Bindings

For products with a bigger volume we use PUR-adhesive binding. For this, the single pages will be piled up and roughened on the back. Afterwards inner pages and cover will be connected through hot glue and high pressure. Positive characteristics of this binding are high flexibility, tear resistance and persistence. However, dewatering process does take a bit longer.

Available for: Perfect Bound Brochures printing

Adhesive binding

Products with adhesive binding are glued at the top and/or the bottom. For this the single pages will be piled up, roughened on the back for better adhesion of the glue, and stuck together cold with dispersion glue. The single pages can be torn off, as with a pad after drying-up.

Available for: Pads printing, Desk Pads printing


This binding consists of an endless wire which is formed into loops and will be placed through the punchings and closed firmly afterwards. This makes fall out or removement of pages impossible. Wire-O-Binding is also known as double loop wire binding. Products with this binding can be opened easily, and will not fold back closing itself.

Characteristic calendar with Wire-O-Binding: This is a divided binding which is interrupted by a metal hook. Parallel to this, a semi-circular thumb hole will be punched out of the calendar pages before binding.

Available for:  Wire-O Bound Brochures printing, Calendars printing, Pads printing, Menus Cards printing


For easier mounting, our banners are eyed. For this a hole will be punched manually into the material and assembled with a metal insert. Flags are furnished with metal inserts optionally. The single pages of our advertising fans are eyed together in the lower area to fan out.

Available for: Flags printing, PVC Banners printing, Advertising Fans printing



Lamination protects the print product not only from colour abrasion, but also from dirt and light water damage. It gives additional sturdiness and makes the colours stand out. PrintCarrier.com offers this finishing with either matt or gloss foil.

Available for: Menus printing, Greeting Cards printing, Postcards printing and Business Cards printing.

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