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Rolo display comfort plus -

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Product Group: Reklamni sistemi

Plaques, signers, flags, banners, displays … our low-priced online print shop offers you state-of-the-art processes for printing on almost any surface and substrate. So your advertising will make a lasting impression.

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Izdelek: Izvlečni panoji

We roll your advertising message up and out: with modern, attention-getting roll-up banners in two grades. One for short-term use at a super-low price. And the other for communicating quality in longer-term campaigns.

Mi priporočamo:

1 Izvlečni panoji
85,0 x 200,0 cm
180µm poliesterska mat folija
4/0 barvno (enostranski tisk)

105,00 € brez DDV
128,10 € z DDV

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Rolo display comfort plus

Two integrated feet stabilise this product to double your standing with a Comfort roll-up banner. Suitable for use indoors or in a roofed-over outdoor area. For example, at trade fairs or conferences. Wherever you want to deliver a message or information, count on it to stand tall.

Mi priporočamo:

1 Izvlečni panoji
84,5 x 200,0 cm
0.2 mm roll-up folija
4/0 barvno (enostranski tisk)

187,00 € brez DDV
228,14 € z DDV

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Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

druck check
Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Print Comfort Plus Roller Banners at –
Greater Comfort for Less Money

Our Comfort Plus roller banners combine the classic advantages of our Classic roller banners with a few more bells and whistles for taking your presentation to the next level. And we mean every time that you want to comfortably roll out all your experience, capabilities or services in seconds.

Simply Comfortable

To make our Comfort Plus roller banners, we print a rectangle of white 0.2mm-thick banner foil measuring 84.5 x 200cm. Despite its light weight, this foil is absolutely opaque and extremely tear-proof.

Show Your Colours

Product benefits, services, principles, pictures, drawings, tables, logos, signets, coats of arms – the list of things we could print in full colour on one side of your Comfort Plus roller banner is virtually endless.

Plus Template

You order, we print. Based on your designs and specifications, which you insert in our easy-to-use downloadable template with clearly designated printing areas.

Two Feet Are Better Than One

Like our Classic roller banner, the spring-loaded Comfort Plus model also rolls out and up automatically. After each use you then conveniently pack your presentation away in its sturdy aluminium casing. One improvement on the Classic version is a second pull-out foot that gives the banner greater stability.

Bag It

We’ll print 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 roller banners for you and deliver them within six to eight working days with our Standard service or within four to six working days with our Express service – always at no extra charge and including a robust carry-bag.

Satisfaction Included

We go out of our way to ensure your complete satisfaction. And if – and that’s a big if – we fail to live up to your expectations, you get your money back on a first order. On subsequent purchases, we’ll make sure to resolve any issues as comfortably as possible for you.

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