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Advertising Systems

Product Group: Advertising Systems

Plaques, signers, flags, banners, displays … our low-priced online print shop offers you state-of-the-art processes for printing on almost any surface and substrate. So your advertising will make a lasting impression.

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Product: PVC banners

Don’t banner about – have your PVC banners printed by us, the seductively inexpensive online print shop. All eyes will be on them. While their sturdy eyes permit easy hoisting and lowering. There’s no ban on attractive banners – so show your colours!


Product details

Our recommendation for you

1 PVC banners
50cm x 100cm
500gsm Frontlit PVC
4/0 Full Colour (single-sided Print)

€42.65 nett
€52.46 gross

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Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Print PVC Banners at –
We Walk the Rope to Ensure Your Satisfaction

Banners have been with us since ancient times in many shapes and forms. What they all have in common is the wish to simply hang. On buildings, scaffolds, fences or just about anything else.

Long Story Short

If you want to know how many different formats we print PVC banners in, simply add up the widths that are available for the following lengths:
  • 50cm wide: in 12 steps from 100 to 1000cm long
  • 100cm wide: in 12 steps from 100 to 1000cm long
  • 150cm wide: in 11 steps from 150 to 1000cm long
  • 200cm wide: in 15 steps from 200 to 1500cm long
  • 250cm wide: in 14 steps from 250 to 1500cm long
  • 300cm wide: in 13 steps from 300 to 1500cm long
  • 350cm wide: in 12 steps from 400 to 1500cm long
  • 500cm wide: in 11 steps from 500 to 1500cm long
  • 600cm wide: in 10 steps from 600 to 1500cm long
  • 700cm wide: in 9 steps from 700 to 1500cm long
  • 800cm wide: in 8 steps from 800 to 1500cm long
  • 900cm wide: in 7 steps from 900 to 1500cm long
  • 1000cm wide: in 6 steps from 1000 to 1500cm long
  • 340cm wide by 173cm long: optimised for construction fences
That answer is ... exactly 131! This is variety that pays. For you and for us.

Half a Kilo

We make your PVC banners out of washable, weatherproof, tear-resistant 500gsm polyvinyl chloride (PVC). That’s exactly half a kilogramme per square metre.

Present Yourself In Brilliant Colours

The inks we use to print your PVC banners on one side in full colour are every bit as great as the material. Thanks to their high UV-fastness, they keep on highlighting your firm, product, event or services in brilliant colours for years. Nor would you expect anything less from us.

Hoist Your Message with Ease

We equip your PVC banners with sturdy grommets on all sides for fast and easy hanging using ropes or lines. This ensures that you can flexibly adjust them according to demand and the season in just a few simple steps.

Wait No Longer

We’re happy to print lots of between one and 15 PVC banners for you and deliver them within five to seven working day at no extra charge, as our prices always include shipping.

Premium Quality: Emblematic of Our Work

This applies to printing of PVC banners and to our customer service in general. We aim to satisfy you in every respect. And we succeed so well in this endeavour because we take criticism seriously. Our policy is also to give a full refund to every new customer who isn’t 100% happy with our work. And regulars know that we guarantee them a solution that will restore their satisfaction.

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