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Vivid colours that catch the eye:

Posters! Please choose:

  • Size DIN A0 to DIN B2
  • Numerous design possibilities
The classic poster is used as an advertising, event or trade fair poster. Decide how your perfect product looks and choose between 100gsm, 135gsm glossy paper, opaque 115gsm affichen paper or with a matt finish in 135gsm or 170gsm to show your product.
Corrugated Plastic Posters
  • Weather resistant
  • UV-resistant
Corrugated plastic posters are made for outdoor use and are used as an option or event poster. Print your advertising messages on robust and light polypropylene plates in DIN A0 or DIN A1 format, which defy wind, rain and solar radiation.
Light Box Posters
  • Outdoor use
  • Quantities of 25 to 1,000 pieces
The name says it all! Use light boxes to present your products at prominent city-centre locations such as bus stops, car parks or pedestrian zones. Especially in the evening and at night, they really catch attention as your posters, printed on 175gsm Megalight, literally start glowing.
Large-Format Posters
  • Posters in their largest form
  • Suitable for overlaying
At train stations, on high streets or in city centres: our large-format posters with a total area of 8.75m² ideally present your product. We print them on sturdy 120gsm poster paper with an opaque backing that reliably prevents older posters underneath from shining through.
Digitally Printed Posters in Short Runs
  • Small quantities up to 25 pieces
  • Indoor & Outdoor use
Versatility has a name – Digitally printed posters! Print your posters in small quantities in the format of DIN A0 to DIN B2 with an area of 1.4m². Choose opaque 120gsm affichen paper for outdoor use or shiny 240gsm indoor paper for large area advertising in rooms. Your printed product starts to light up when you opt for the clear 175μm backlight paper for placement in light boxes.
Posters in neon colours
  • Printed in black on one side
  • Popular DIN formats
  • Starting at 28,00 € NETT
Our neon-coloured posters are real eye-catchers: at flea markets, concerts or other events. The combination of neon background and black one-sided printing is mesmerizing, making it hard for people to look away. Advertise for your event with posters in popular DIN formats from A0 to A3 on 80gsm paper in your choice of yellow, green, magenta or orange.

Other Print Products

Post and Greeting Cards
Post and Greeting Cards
from €79.79 nett
€98.14 gross
from €86.40 nett
€106.27 gross

Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

druck check
Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Print posters at - display greatness on all occasions

Our posters are the ideal choice to generate real eye-catching displays. We offer them in a wide variety of variants and materials so that you can select the ones that best suit your advertising message. Geography map, trade fair poster, photo poster, event announcement, event promotion - when we print posters, what matters most to our customers is to get the maximum effect at the lowest possible price!

The ideal basis for success

    For your posters, you can choose between the following grammages:
  • Poster paper 115g
  • 135g matt or glossy paper
  • 170g matte paper
We also print them on: Our City-Light posters are ideally printed on:
  • Matt paper 150g
  • Our large format 18/1 posters are printed on:
    • 115g of standard paper
    • Poster paper 120g
    As for our Plots, they are offered on:
    • 120g poster paper
    • 175 µm Backlite film
    • glossy paper for the inside of 240g

    Our largest formats in all variants

    No matter what kind of posters you choose, from now on you can be sure that you will never again go unnoticed. Our City-Light posters shine at night in cities and are eye-catching. The lightweight polypropylene panels make them ideal for easy placement of your posters in unusual locations. Thanks to their low weight, they can be easily suspended. Our biggest poster sizes are the 18/1 formats that make your messages visible from far away.

    Present what is important to you in an advantageous way - instructions for use

    As mentioned above, posters are used in both private and professional areas. Here we summarize 8 application possibilities that allow you to enhance your designs and messages.

    Guidelines posted in large print

    Your company attaches great importance to respecting its basic principles. They must therefore be internalized and experienced on a daily basis by your employees. That's why these guidelines are displayed in your home - on L-format posters hung in your posters:
    • Offices
    • Kitchens
    • Conference rooms
    • Meeting rooms

    Play security

    Safety instructions for machine rooms, emergency procedures or codes of conduct at events must be observed and displayed clearly. That's why these posters printed in XXL or XL format make a good impression in all relevant places such as:
    • Machine rooms
    • Conference room
    • Corridors
    • Offices
    • Cantines
    • Demonstration halls

    Clear motivation

    Each of your employees has their own credo, their own message of motivation. With the right design, our posters in M-format lighten any office - in the form of backlit posters in the dimensions 420 x 594 mm.

    Visible structure

    You have very clear structures in your company. Hierarchies are flat and communication between colleagues is fluid at all levels. You have translated this state of mind into an image and would like to give it to each new recruit as a welcome gift. You can do this in a very clear and representative way on our poster in M. Cinematographic printing format You've seen your favorite movie 3 times in the cinema and ordered the corresponding DVD as soon as it was released. You now want to print the poster of the film, so that it shines at home in all its splendour in XXL format of 1,000 x 1,400 mm.

    Light moments

    These are provided to you by posters of your own designs or very personal messages, printed on backlit box films. Photographed, drawn or painted. To be placed in your choice:
    • Chamber
    • Kitchen
    • Salon
    • Office at home
    • Office at home
    • Bathroom
    • Bathroom
    • Vestibule
    • Library
    • Library
    • Chimney lounge etc.

    Immense joy

    This is what you feel when your child is born, when loved ones or friends return home, on round birthdays in your family... Express your feelings in the same dimensions - in the form of a colourful XL poster, to hang in a central location. Inside or outside.

    Festive decoration

    Christmas, Easter, wedding, birthday, communion or confirmation: there are all kinds of occasions to decorate your home individually with collages, messages or festive motifs, souvenir photos or other. Printed on posters in all formats - from XS to XXL.

    Our recommendations for printing Posters

    Explore the wide range of print products available from! All of our topics at a glance: Product Group Posters, Posters, Corrugated Plastic Posters, Light Box Posters, Large-Format Posters, Digitally Printed Posters in Short Runs, Posters in neon colours.

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