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Product Group: Stationery

Place your next order with us. We’ll print your business forms for direct-mail campaigns, invoices, accompanying letters – fast and affordably. In A4, A5 or DL. In large or very small quantities. In brilliant colour or sleek black & white. However you want.

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Product: Prefolded A4 letters (105 x 210 mm)

Save time and avoid stress by ordering your letters or direct-mail items printed and folded, ready to go. Just insert them in the envelopes and presto! At our low, low prices, this way you save twice.


Product details

Product details Prefolded A4 letters (105 x 210 mm) 1 Product details Prefolded A4 letters (105 x 210 mm) 2
Our recommendation for you

1000 Prefolded A4 letters (105 x 210 mm)
DIN Long (9.8 x 21cm)
90gsm offset, white
4/0 Full Colour (single-sided Print)

€70.53 nett
€86.75 gross

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State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Print A4 Letters at – Prefolded for Fast Insertion

Whether you’re planning a direct-mail campaign or want to invite all of your customers to a trade fair, we will print your letters on A4 sheets, fold them to DL format and deliver them to you within five or three days in any quantity.

Let Us Lay It Out for You

For best results with circulars, invitations etc., we offer you personalisable A4 layouts designed for folding to DL format. The zigzag folds are calculated to prevent even a single word from getting caught on an edge.

You Design – We Print and Fold

We print your finished layout in full colour on one side of our postage-saving, bright white 90gsm offset paper in A4 format. Then we execute a double concertina fold so the result corresponds to DL, ready for insertion in envelopes in a matter of seconds.

Sign, Insert, Post

Our bright white 90gsm offset paper can be easily signed by hand afterwards using a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or marker. Or else you can use an inkjet or laser printer to add a few personal words. To do so, you simply need to unfold the sheet, sign it or run it through the printer, then refold and stick it in the envelope, ready to send.

Premium Quality in Bulk

Whether you order 1000 or 10,000, we always print your folded letters in premium quality based on your layout or one of our templates. That’s a promise. But if you are ever unhappy with the results, we will offer you a solution to satisfy you or, if it’s your first order, give you a full refund. This is customer service that lastingly pays. Both for you and for us.

Shipping Included

With our Standard service, we print and deliver your twice-folded letters within six working days. With the Express option, you receive them after just five days. Either way, shipping costs you nothing extra, as it is included in the price of production.

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