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Big or little giveaways, ballpoint pens or buttons – you decide which items to please your customers with. We’ll print them with your logo, name or slogan. Using state-of-the-art processes and in striking colours. Any time you want.

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Product: Personalised magnets

Are you looking for a giveaway that will magnetically attract customers? We recommend our personalised metal magnets and buttons. Two millimetres thick, round or cornered – and poled for realising savings.


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Our recommendation for you

100 Personalised magnets
Square (5 x 3.5cm)
4/0 Full Colour (single-sided Print)

€323.52 nett
€397.93 gross

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Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Print Personalised Magnets at –
Inexpensively Produced

Personalised magnets attract while simultaneously delivering your message or theme. On office bulletin boards, cafeteria message boards or the fridge in the break room, the possibilities are endless.

Round or Square

To make your personalised magnets, we print on a piece of magnetised 2mm-thick aluminium, which can be square or round with these dimensions:
  • 5.0 x 3.5cm when square
  • 5.5cm in diameter when round

Get It On with Colour

Photos, graphics, slogans, sketches, symbols, logos, pictograms, emoticons, you name it – we’ll print your magnetic giveaways with anything you send us. In full colour on one side, in crisp and appetising quality and brilliant hues.

Play the Field

The sales department says a hundred are enough. The secretary would like a few more. And the comptroller only cares about what they cost. We can only help you up to a point in deciding how many to order, namely by letting you know that you have a choice among 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 or 1000. You have the last word.

Free Shipping

We normally print and deliver your personalised magnets within 16 working days to the address you specify. Naturally at no extra charge, as we also include shipping in the price of production.

Pure Magnetism

At our affordable online print shop, we’re dedicated to ensuring 100% satisfaction with our products and services. But if our magnets should ever be less than flawless, please let us know – so that we can accept your criticism and give you a full refund if you’re a first-time customer. If you’ve ordered from us before, we’ll resolve the matter in your favour. This is the kind of service that magically attracts business!

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