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Have us print your newspapers and inserts – we offer you great terms and a huge range of options. On 48.8 or 80gsm paper. In one or four colours. In full or half Nordisch (570 x 500mm) or Rhenish (350 x 520mm) format. We work to your specifications.

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Print Newspapers and Supplements at – the Best Sources of Information

Many people start the day with the ritual of reading the newspaper over breakfast. It’s a great way to find out what’s happening in the world while enjoying your first cup of coffee. You can usually tell a newspaper by the recycled paper it is printed on. Another typical feature is inserted supplements containing advertising or special offers.

Supplements for Your Newspaper

We print these pamphlets with between 12 and 16 pages. They fit in virtually any newspaper and are an excellent way to provide information on the latest innovations or upcoming events. The content is up to you, but when it comes to printing them, you can entrust them to us with a clear conscience!

A Source of Information for Everyone

The variety of newspapers out there is huge. There is a dedicated newspaper for practically every imaginable target group. Everyone has a favourite paper that they like to read while getting ready to start the day in earnest: serious dailies, specialised business papers with a large stock market section, colourful tabloids full of gossipy scandals …
Just as the topics can vary widely, we are also very flexible with regard to the formats we offer you for printing your newspapers. You can choose any of the following standardised formats: Whereas our newspapers are printed only on newsprint, for supplements we also let you choose glossy natural-coloured 80gsm paper.

Newspaper Printing Is Still the Way to Go

Even as the digital age advances, it remains very popular to print newspapers on paper. Many readers would rather hold a real, physical newspaper in their hands than call up information online and read it on the screen of their laptop, tablet computer or smartphone. The feel and typical odour of a genuine newspaper simply can’t be duplicated by digital media.

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