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We print flyers in all popular DIN and special formats. Folded or flat. In a single or full colour. With one or more pages. If you like, even including bespoke die cutting to make your flyer cut an even better figure.

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Round for circulars or appropriately shaped for delivering a heartfelt message – count on us to support your flyer campaign. As a heart, oval, rectangle, circle or semi-circle, with or without a cut-out, we print flyers in every shape and style, true to our motto that “form follows idea”. Also available in bundles of 250, 500 or 1000.


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State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Print Die Cut Flyers at – We Get Your Ideas in Shape

A die cut flyer can be round, heart-shaped or anything else. To make sure that your flyers are ideally formed to harmonise with your message or motto, leave the printing to us.

Form Follows Idea

A long or wide heart. A whole or half circle. A door sign – single or double. A price card – with rounded corners and a hole in the middle. Round or oval contours, or even arch-shaped. At, the possibilities are endless.

The 10 Most Beautiful Shapes for your Die Cut Flyers

A die cut makes your flyer to something special as it unusual and therefore stands out. Furthermore, you have the chance to underline your business or your written message to your customer by using an uncommon shaped flyer. As a flower seller, you could for example try to deliver every bouquet with a special shaped heart on mother’s day or Valentine’s Day. Printed on it could be your business information or a slogan like 'Every flower comes with a heart!'

Ten Beautiful Shapes

Currently you can find ten different special shapes in our shop. They include:
  • Wide Heart: 11.1 x 9.8cm, with or without a hole - Ideal for unfolded flyers that come from the heart, touch the heart, or take something to heart.
  • Long Heart: 9.4 x 9.6cm - Just right for advertising for a heartfelt affair.
  • Arch: 9 x 12cm - With plenty of room for product information and materials, also perfect for underscoring advertising for doors, entrances, open houses etc.
  • Door Sign, Single: 7.5 x 21cm - Communicates any kind of door-related message including “do not disturb”, “please enter” or “we’ll be right back”. Most people don’t realise that these signs are actually flyers, but they enjoy great popularity in hotels, offices and homes.
  • Door Sign, Double (4 Sides) – 5 x 27cm - Double means greater durability and more space for your information, whether it’s about your hotel’s services, letting customers know when you’ll be back in the office or advertising your services as a locksmith.
  • Round/Circular – 9.5cm in Diameter - Excellent for wine tastings, customer events or as coasters for the glasses in your conference room with bespoke messages, advertising or your contact data.
  • Round/Circular – 17.6cm in Diameter - Get your tyre business rolling or use a flyer in this format to recruit new members for your local Rotary Club.
  • Oval – 9.5 x 14.5cm - Suitable not only for Easter and egg farms, but also as price tags, product labels etc.
  • Price Tag/Label – 9.5 x 12cm - Here the name reveals what this die cut flyer is good for, but it could also serve for providing product information, maintenance tips etc. on a total of 114 cm².
  • Half-Circle – 10cm in Diameter - Two of them together yield a whole – which is what happens when your customers come full circle by using them to gain admission to a company event, dating seminar or coaching session (i.e. they really get round!).
  • Big Range, Small Prices

    Event invitations, door signs, trade fair flyers, greeting cards, door drops, promotional flyers, vouchers, price cards or door signs – at we make die cut flyers for every occasion.

    Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

    We want you to be happy with the quality of our die cut and printed flyers. And we mean completely! If in your opinion we haven’t kept this promise, and you are a first-time customer, we will refund the entire price paid. You have our word on that. Where regular customers are concerned, for years we have consistently resolved cases like these to everyone’s complete satisfaction.

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