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Further processing

Further processing


Multilateral print products are folded by a special machine which guarantees a neat edge of the product. Depending on the product, various foldings are available.

Please find an overview of the most common foldings below.

4 sided 1-fractured fold
4 sides single fold
6 sided letter fold
6 sides letter fold/tri-fold
6 sided zigzag fold
6 sides zigzag fold/accordion fold/concertina
6 sided window fold
6 sides gate fold
8 sided letter fold
8 sides roll fold/barrel fold
10 sided letter fold
10 sides roll fold/barrel fold
10 sided zigzag fold
10 sides zigzag fold/accordion fold/concertina
12 sided letter fold
12 sides roll fold/barrel fold
16 sided letter fold
16 sides roll fold/barrel fold


Print products produced on an offset press can be enhanced by applying a coat of varnish. This protects them and prevents ink from rubbing off

Available for: Flyers and Business Cards


To allow easy separation of two sections of a paper product, lines of small holes can be made in it.

Available for: Tickets



Better folding results can be achieved by scoring paper first. This involves the use of a tool (at large print shops like ours, usually a rotary blade) to compress the material along a line. Among other things this minimises subsequent peeling of ink.

Available for: Greeting Cards , Presentation Folders , Folded Leaflets

Note: We especially recommend scoring for products which are printed on 170gsm or heavier paper or digitally printed.


Drilling offers products with one or two drilled holes to facilitate binding or filing. They are made using special power drills.

Available for: Carbonless Forms , Advertising Pads


Die Cutting uses various cutting dies to create a variety of special shapes.

Available for: Die Cut Flyers , Specially Shaped Stickers




First the printed sheets are collated and folded. Then they are joined by driving two staples through the centre fold.

Available for: CD Wallets, Brochures and Menus

Note:This type of binding is suited for brochures up to a certain maximum number of pages which depends on the paper used. For example, a brochure with up to 148 inner pages on 70gsm paper and a cover of 135gsm paper can be saddle-stitched.

Loop Stitching

This binding method is similar to saddle-stitching, except that the staples are formed into eyes or loops to facilitate filing in lever arch files or binders.

Available for: CD Wallets, Loop Stitched Brochures and Menus

Watch out for creep!

When a booklet is saddle-stitched and folded, the inner pages extend further out than the outer pages. This phenomenon is called ´´creep´´. Both side-stapled and loop-stitched brochures are subject to it. This therefore, needs to be taken into account when creating the artwork. The bound and folded brochure is trimmed afterwards to ensure a straight edge.

If you need any help creating your artwork, please feel free to contact us. We´ll be happy to assist you.

Perfect Binding

We bind thicker products with PUR-adhesive (this is known in the industry as ´´perfect binding´´) The assembled pages and cover are roughened on the spine by milling and notching them, then the other three sides are trimmed. Finally hot glue and pressure are applied to the spine. The advantages of this binding method are flexibility, tear resistance and durability. The disadvantage is that it takes longer, as the glue has to thoroughly dry.

Available for: Perfect Bound Brochures

Top or Bottom Perfect Binding

Notepads and similar products can be perfect bound a the bottom or top

Available for: notepads and desk pads


This type of binding (also known as double wire and twin loop binding) is commonly used for books or brochures that will be read in an office or home environment. It involves the use fo a C-shaped wire spine that is squeezed into a round shape by a wire-closing device. It is ideal for publications like annual reports and manuals

The wire-O-binding used in calendars is interrupted in the middle by a metal loop. To make it easier to hang the calendars, a semi-circular thumbhole is punched out in the same place before binding.

Available for: Wire-O Bound Brochures, Calendars, Notebooks and Menus


To facilitate mounting, our banners are fitted with grommets. This involves manually punching holes in the material and installing metal eyelets. We can optionally supply our flags with metal grommets. In addition, our advertising fans are bound together at one end by a grommet.

Available for: Flags, PVC Bannersand Advertising Fans



Lamination protects print products not only from ink abrasion, but also from soiling and water spray. It makes them sturdier and enhances their colours. offers lamination with either matt or glossy foil.

Available for: Menus, Greeting Cards, Postcards and Business Cards.

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