Benefit from Our Bonus and
Premium Customer Programmes

Regular customers benefit in multiple ways.
How does it work? It’s this simple:

Bonus Programme

If you place orders with for a total value of at least €500 during the course of a calendar month, you automatically receive a €10 bonus voucher which you can choose to redeem towards your next order.
You don’t need to do anything special to obtain the voucher; we automatically send it to you during the course of the following month.

Premium Customer Programme

As a Premium Customer, you enjoy various benefits:

1. Free Speed Upgrade

You orders are handled on a priority basis, in many cases being dispatched faster than would the case with the selected shipping mode. In exceptional circumstances, i.e. if we have an extremely heavy workload, we reserve the right to process orders as ordered, however.

2. Neutral Delivery

Ideal for resellers! We can send orders to you without a return address and completely free of any distinguishing marks such as the logo, or directly to your own customer bearing your return address, as you choose.

3. Prepaid Credit System (PCS)

As a reseller, you have the option of using our PCS. You pay a sum of money into your account there (e.g. €500), and your invoices are then directly settled from it. The advantages:
  • No fees or surcharges for paying money into or using the PCS
  • No loss of time: we no longer have to wait for your payments to arrive (which can take up to several days with ordinary bank transfers), and your orders are immediately processed provided that the print data are correct.
  • You can check your balance in our customer account whenever you like.
  • Bonuses and vouchers can be directly paid into your PCS account.
Purchase volume in the previous month Bonus
from €500 voucher for €10
from €800 (with at least 6 orders) voucher for €20
from €2000 (with at least 10 orders) voucher for €60
from €4000(with at least 20 orders) 5% of turnover excl. VAT*
from €6500 (with at least 30 orders) 7% of turnover excl. VAT**
The bonus is calculated based on the invoiced purchase volume (without counting VAT) in the previous month.

If you do not achieve the minimum required order volume, you are automatically reassigned to the next-lower bonus level.
* You are refunded 5% of your non-tax purchase volume in the previous month as a bonus.
** You are refunded 7% of your non-tax purchase volume in the previous month as a bonus.

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