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About Us –
Where We Come From and How We Tick

Your creativity in print – perfectly executed

Colours, quality, feel – we get them all right

Until now, with every print job you’ve asked yourself the same questions:
  • Will the format and trimming be right?
  • Will the colours look good?
  • Will the pictures and text be sharp?
We can answer all of them in one sentence: Let do your printing and everything will be perfect: the sharpness, colours, format and paper.
We think just like you and want to live up to your expectations in every respect – with premium quality. This commitment to quality is based on five principles that apply without exception to us, our suppliers and to every single step in production. These principles guarantee that you are doing business with a reliable and competent partner.

Our six commitments to ensure that you'll always get top quality prints

1. Our ink commitment:

Ink, along with paper, is one of the most important ingredients for printing well. We therefore rely exclusively on premium inks from huber which guarantee maximum depth, purity and brilliance. This applies to both standard printing colours like cyan, magenta, yellow and black and spot colours of the Pantone and HKS series.

Our colors from Eppel

2. Our paper commitment

All papers are not created equal. To cut costs, many printing companies these days use paper from the Far East. But not us. We purchase our premium stocks exclusively from experienced, renowned paper manufacturers such as Papyrus. Our portfolio comprises 60 different paper types, ranging from ultra-light to very heavy, glossy or matt, ribbed or smooth, recycled or freshly pressed from virgin pulp. All our papers feature an impressive look and feel.

Our paper store

3. Our technology commitment

The third pillar supporting the premium quality of our print products is technology. We print with three different processes, selecting the best in each case to minimise costs depending on the size of the print run. All three processes use state-of-the-art equipment from industry-leading manufacturers with a focus on outstanding brand quality such as Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and HP.
Offset printing – the best choice for medium to long print runs
Offset printing uses aluminium printing plates to transfer the image to paper by combining the four primary colours cyan, magenta, yellow and key (CMYK). The printing plates have to be exposed in a time-consuming process. This is why offset printing is mainly used to produce long print runs or reprints in which only the black text is replaced. Our fleet of offset presses includes the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL with
  • 8 inking units and sheet reversal for efficient four-colour, double-sided printing in a single pass
  • simultaneous printing plate exchange
  • inline ink measurement
  • water-based coating / UV varnish
Digital printing: ideal for ultra short runs down to one copy
Digital printing has become so sharp and precise that we routinely use it for ultra short runs and pressing orders. We print with HP Indigo machines featuring one-shot colour technology. The use of liquid inks and state-of-the-art technology yields a print result that cannot be distinguished from offset quality in terms of colour crispness and image sharpness. Digital printing technology does not require plate exposure. Instead, the print image is sent directly from the computer to the machine so that a separate print image could be created for each paper sheet. This makes the method ideal for short-run printing.
Large format printing (LFP) – ideal for large sizes
In addition to large formats, the LFP process is excellently suited for printing on non-paper-based materials such as canvas, corrugated plastic, textiles, PVC foam board, plastics, mesh foils, Plexiglas, sandwich panels and wallpaper. The LFP process is used among others to produce exhibition items such as roller banners and displays which all meet the mandatory B1 fire protection certification which means that they are mostly self-extinguishing. Our state-of-the-art machines from HP, Durst and Zünd create an optimum print image using solvent-free inks for an odourless and non-fading product.
Postpress – all under one roof
All printed products require further processing steps after printing. This can mean trimming the edges of a flyer in the simplest case. More complex postpress steps are needed for a magazine that additionally has to be folded, bound or glued. Also there are various options to finish products such as film lamination or various coatings. We perform all postpress operations in-house to keep all aspects of product quality under control at all times.

4. Our certification commitment

Our PSO certificate is the written confirmation that we print in premium quality. PSO stands for ProcessStandard Offset and is an industry standard for offset printing based on the international ISO 12647-2 standard. It establishes consistent quality requirements for everything from data preparation to the final product. We were one of the first print shops in Europe to have our postpress operations certified according to ISO 16762 to carry out all postpress steps such as trimming, folding, binding, etc. in consistently high quality. And being a PSO-certified print shop, you can be rest assured that we don’t just talk and write about premium quality but actually deliver it – in every single print product that leaves our factory.
Unser Papierlager

5.Our commitment to checking

Better safe than sorry! We check your data no fewer than five times:
  • When you upload them
  • When they are first placed on the print sheet
  • During the print process
  • During subsequent postpress finishing
  • And finally when packaging and shipping your order.
We do this to make absolutely sure that both the data you provide and the resulting prints fully comply with our high quality standards.

6. Our commitment to supporting you

Our expert team provides competent and friendly advice and support on every job from start to finish whether you are a professional creative or a novice. We will gladly answer any of your questions, because we want you to get the results you want and need. What is more, we want you to feel inspired, supported and competently advised by us, whether here in our shop or by our customer service agents who you can contact by phone, e-mail or chat from 8 am to 5 pm.
Unser Papierlager

Your creativity in print

Brilliant colours and quality: Made by

We take this literally. Because we know what you want: a print shop which is able to render flawless layouts, designs and ideas. Which supplies you with printed items – flyers, posters, business cards, brochures, calendars and more – that will instantly impress your customers and reflect your own commitment to top quality. With vibrant colours, crispness and a compelling overall look & feel – which you can see at first glance.
That's what is all about. We started out in 2004 with conviction, ambition and the vision of revolutionising the printing industry by launching an online print shop that works efficiently and fast, offers attractive prices and consistently delivers premium quality of the kind that used to be available from conventional printers only at the time.

2004: Pioneering the triple wow factor

True to our goals, we established one of Germany’s first online print shops: driven by our vision to evoke a triple “wow response” in customers with every print job: Wow, they are so affordable! Wow, they are so fast! Wow, they are so good! We started out modestly near Würzburg in an office with adjoining commercial premises for shipping and logistics. Surrounded by a motley crew of neighbours who, having noticed that we usually burn the midnight oil in our brightly lit rooms, must have thought that “these guys have the energy to achieve great things!”
We also draw inspiration from the invention of the automated printing press which was also invented in Würzburg by KBA in the early 19th century. It’s a good omen that our home town has such a long tradition of innovation in printing. In 2004, printing is still a costly and time-consuming business. It typically takes printers days or even weeks to complete and deliver jobs. The fact that we were offering an alternative to this lengthy process might explain why our services were such a big hit in Germany from the beginning.

2004: Viva la Dolce Vita!

Spurred by our success in Germany, in autumn 2004, we aim for the Italian market by launching our first online shop in another country. Within minutes of starting up our systems, the first customer places an order from South Tyrol, paying by credit card via a secure SSL connection (still a total novelty in 2004). Just five days after receiving the order, we deliver the finished flyers to our Italian customer. A real record at the time and our first step towards expanding in Europe.

Delivery to Italy

2005: Picking up speed continues to grow. In 2005, just a year after starting out, we begin offering our services in France and the Netherlands. Customers there respond enthusiastically, and before long the demand for expertly produced, attractively priced print products is booming in those countries as well. Everywhere we turn, the idea of “fast, inexpensive online printing” is eagerly embraced. We follow up by adding our “Express” and “SameDay” delivery options. Now we can print and deliver orders even faster than before, if requested overnight. This is well received by our existing customers and allows us to win many new clients.

Delivery to France and Netherland

2006: Success across Europe

Our success story continues: In 2006, we add web shops in Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Ireland and Denmark which are joined by Austria, Sweden and Switzerland only a year later.
all countries that we supply

2007: Taking more into account

While extending our network of online shops, we also steadily improve and extend the functionality of our website. Until now, all customers have to upload their artwork using an FTP server, but in 2007 we are one of the first online print shops to introduce central customer accounts. Now it’s possible for us to load artwork files straight into our system via the website.

2009: Goodbye to errors

In 2009, we develop a system for checking print data fully automatically. It identifies and immediately fixes any problems, thus helping to ensure that our customers receive monitored, flawless print products.

22011: A new place for us

Having grown by leaps and bounds, by 2011 our facility is bursting at the seams. We find new accommodation in Winterhausen just south of Würzburg.

2012: Keeping an eye (or five) on things

We’re one of the first online print shops to add considerably more value for our customers by inspecting every order no fewer than five times:
  • By inspection protocols when the data are uploaded
  • By manually checking the first printing sheet
  • During the printing process by inline measurements
  • During postpress and finishing operations
  • When packaging and dispatching the finished job
The benefit for our customers is obvious: We provide the greatest possible confidence that the supplied artwork is in fact processed, printed, finished and delivered without any errors. Our specialists in IT, in the pressroom, and in logistics are always vigilant.

2013: The code on the package

In 2013, we invest in a new, semi-automated shipping line that enables us to dispatch orders to customers in Germany and abroad without any delays. Each parcel gets a tracking number which allows customers to check the processing and shipping status online.

2014: Even faster delivery

Yet another important step in improving our service is the introduction of the “SameDay+” delivery option. It lets customers receive their finished orders the very next day in premium quality, as long as they order by 5 pm.

2016: A German double

In early 2016, we finally open a long-planned branch in Wernau near Stuttgart. From now on, we will coordinate all our online marketing activities from here while serving customers across Europe with the help of a multilingual team.

2018 – PSO certification of print and postpress operations

We have certified our print production according to Process Standard Offset (short PSO). Artwork setup and colour fidelity are key to producing optimal print results. For this purpose, Ugra, the Swiss Center of Competence for Print and Media Technology, audited and certified our production site. We are one of the first print shops in Europe to have our postpress operations certified according to ISO 16762. It specifies guidelines for the production steps that follow printing such as trimming, folding, stitching and binding and allows us to produce in consistent quality, including reprints.
This big step into the future was accompanied by transferring the web shop to the newly founded GmbH domiciled in Fürth. This company will now continue our brand name.

Improvement is an ongoing process

Printing has been our passion since 2004. This has been felt both by our employees and our customers. And we have achieved a lot. But there is still a lot to do. Because there is always room for improvement. After all, printing is much more than putting ink on paper. Speed, clearly defined processes, a friendly customer service, goal-oriented user guidance and printings in top quality are at least just as important.
We are committed to satisfying these central customer requirements and ultimately improving them every day. This is one reason why we are among the top players in Europe today, serving markets in over a dozen countries with our multilingual customer service. Today, tomorrow and into the future.

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