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How do I create my print files?

  • Create pages: create all files as single pages, the correct imposing (arrangement of the pages on the printing sheet to ensure the correct order of the pages) will be done by us. Number the pages accordingly, the cover (U1) complys with the first page, the back (U4) with the last page. An exception is the cover of magazines bonded with glue which has to be pre-assembled as double page containing the width of the back. On the first file the back (U4) will be set left, the cover (U1) right on the document. At the second file the cover 2 (U2) has to be placed on the left, the next to last page of the cover (U3) on the right. Please send the inner pages as single files.
    For calendars in magazine format please note that the back (U4) has to be turned 180 degrees so that it will be upside down.
  • Bleed: create 1mm bleed on every side from the finished format size. For magazines bonded with glue we need 3mm bleed.
  • Distance to the edge: Ordering magazines with double staple finish and ring eye stapling an overlap of the paper occurs (sawtooth distortion). To consider this, important information has to be at least 3mm away from the edge of the artwork format size. On the outer edge at least 8mm. Important: for magazines with spiral bound there has to be 18mm distance to the bound.
  • Items which are placed too close to the edge of the finished format size: should be projected beyond the bleed.
  • Resolution: at least 300dpi
  • File format: PDF/X-4:2010, PDF/X-1a:2001, JPG
  • Writings: embedded or converted into vector graphics
  • Colour mode: CMYK or levels of grey
  • Colour profile: ISO Coated v2 300 %
  • Colour saturation: the total colour saturation should never exceed 280%. Minimum saturation is 15%.
  • Transparencies: only possible using PDF/X-4:2010 format
  • Cutting and register marks: please do not use them in your artwork
  • Layers, passwords, comments, form fields, buttons or videos: please delete them from your artwork
  • Spelling mistakes and overprint modes: will not be checked by us

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