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Product Group: Brochures

We give you a choice of stapling, wiro binding, loop stitching or perfect binding. On untreated or high-gloss paper. Square or in DIN sizes. Your design is our command, and the work we do for you is totally affordable.

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Product: Wire-O Bound Brochures

Just right if you want maximum flexibility in terms of the page count. Brochures wire-O bound on the long or short side deliver pure reading pleasure, page after page after page. Especially with our outstanding colours and prices.


Product details

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Our recommendation for you

10 Wire-O Bound Brochures
DIN A6 (10.5 X 14.8cm)
250gsm laminated matt
4/4 Full Colour (double-sided print)
10 Pages
Wire-O Binding/Longer Edge

£50.11 nett
£60.13 gross

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Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

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we have the hang of it

Our professional tip for you: our continuous foil-laminated magazines with spiral binding are ideal for use as menus. Robust, water-repellent, handy, appealing look - because dirt and moisture simply roll off and the delicious impression remains. Of course, our Wire-O Bound Brochures are also very good as cookbooks, training materials, brochures, photo books and everything else that needs to be kept in place.

Placed in the curve around itself and still tightly under control - only the spiral binding can do this

  • 8 to 64 pages maximum are held together in a compact and indestructible way
  • Your store/book can be opened flat on the table and stays open
  • The only binding method in which all single sheets can be turned over 360 degrees once completely.
  • With a little bit of skill, you can easily cut or paste pages later on

Getting the design – important tips for designing a magazine

Multi-page magazines have their drawbacks when it comes to design. We will help you with some important hints for a professional and successful result.
  1. Create a string
    Related content should be designed in comparable colors and shapes for an optimal overview.
  2. Use pictures
    Nothing gives more life and brings a statement to the point than a fitting picture.
  3. Order in image placement
    Pictures should not hack a longer text. This means that pictures and text should be combined as one unit if possible.
  4. Not too many fonts
    It really shouldn't be more than three different fonts at most. Otherwise, a chaotic and restless overall picture is created. For more variation, work better with different fonts of different thicknesses, font widths or typefaces.
  5. Distance to the edge
    Make sure that the correct distance to the edge is maintained - the so-called bar sizes. As a rule, the distance to the inner waistband is usually half as large as the distance to the outside. The head stay is chosen slightly larger. The footbridge should be the largest. But beware! Regardless of the design, there is also a trim. Therefore, for a magazine with spiral binding, a further 18mm distance must be planned on the inner collar for attaching the spiral!

Create an enticing menu with spiral binding

Spiral-bound magazines are particularly popular in the catering trade as menus. In order to convince you not only in the kitchen, we have collected important Tips for setting up a menu in our blog. We illuminate the following 5 focal points for you:
  1. Logical structure for a quick overview
  2. In brevity lies the spice
  3. Let names speak
  4. Special design for special offers
  5. Legal information

No more gram

To ensure that the pages of your spiral multipage are still in your hands, even with frequent sheets, we print exclusively on strong Papers. You may choose:
  • all sides 250g foil-laminated (matt or glossy)
  • Inside pages 170g foil-laminated in a 300g envelope foil-laminated (continuous matt or glossy)

Fantastic in form and colour

You have creativity and content in a square, you want to present your message long and broadly, or you want to present your ideas criss-crossed or high? Do you have a format but are not standard? We are ready to offer you a wide range of formats for your spiral magazine. We include foil lamination and double-sided 4-colour printing for your magazines with spiral binding. Both matt and glossy. With a print run of 10 to 250 copies.

All inclusive

Also included in the price is the wire-o-binding (also called spiral binding), which we place for you on the long side or the narrow side of your format. On the other hand, the delivery of your pre-printed and bound magazines already 4 working days after receipt of your order. And if our service doesn't hit the mark for you 100 %, we will reimburse you as a new customer for your printing costs and present you as an existing customer with a solution that will bind you to us in the long term - out of pure satisfaction.

Our recommendations for printing Brochures

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