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Put your messages to paper fast and

Stationery! Please choose:

Stationery DIN A4
  • Standard size DIN A4
  • The classic among office materials
The classic A4 letter paper is most frequently used in cover letters, product information, invoicing or office-internal processing. At, you can choose between three different paperweights - 80gsm ecological paper, 90gsm or 120gsm offset - and print it with your logo or slogan in your company colour.
Stationery DIN A5
  • Convenient format
  • Can be printed on both sides
The practical DIN A5 format is suitable for smaller correspondences, whether internal or external. Print 90g offset paper on one or both sides with relevant information for your addressees. Information transmission in its handy form.
Stationery DIN long (Z- fold)
  • Continuously changing folding direction
  • Enveloped in a matter of seconds
Use the pre folded DIN long writing paper for quick sending of letters, mailings and other information. The 90gsm offset paper is supplied printed and folded, so that it can be inserted in a matter of seconds. A quick and convenient way for your next shipping!
Compliment slips
  • Elongated format
  • That certain extra
A special bonus for your next correspondence is our compliment slip for your invitation, your special offer or your giveaway. Choose between 90gsm or 120gsm offset paper to help communicate your information to your customers in a different kind of way!

Other Print Products

Post and Greeting Cards
Post and Greeting Cards
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State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

druck check
Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

How to Print Letterheads That Make a Good Impression

Unlike flyers and brochures, which are optional, letterheads – like business cards – are among the basic business documents that every professionally operating firm absolutely needs. Of course, the term “letterhead” in the generic sense is used not only to refer to the heading at the top of sheets of stationery, but also to entire printed sheets such as invoice forms, delivery notes, data sheets, letters, order confirmation, terms and conditions and product information sheets. In other words, virtually anything that you might want to send out on high-quality paper with a brilliantly coloured logo or other heading with crisply printed text.

All Business Documents from One Source

A typical set of business documents comprises stationery (letter paper), invoice forms, delivery notes etc. as well as bespoke envelopes, business cards, pads etc. To ensure that the sharpness of the lettering, the depth of colour and the quality of pictures are consistent across all of the documents, we offer to print a complete business package for you as a single order. This lets you forge a corporate style and image from the word go, with uniform colours, quality and overall look.

Four Easy Steps for Identifying the Best Format for Your Letterheads

Our Bestseller: A4 Letterheads

As already mentioned, the format should be chosen in accordance with your goals. In the business world, the measurements 21 x 29.7cm (A4) are the norm. They are commonplace for:
  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Order confirmations
  • Correspondence
  • Dunning letters
  • Memos
  • Data sheets
  • Product information sheets
  • Price lists
Portrait format is far more usual than landscape format, although we will gladly print your letterheads either way. After all, you’re our customer, and for us the customer is King!

Small Is More – A5 Letterheads

Measuring 14.8 x 21cm, the A5 format is half the size of A4. This format hasn’t prevailed for business applications, except for items like receipt forms, flyers, mailshots and the like. But it is quite frequently encountered for personal uses – e.g. for stationery, invitations, thank you notes, birthday messages etc.

Prefolded A4 Letterheads: We Make Sure Your Letters Unfold Their Potential

Our prefolded letterheads are especially well-suited for mass mailing of items like newsletters, trade fair invitations, letters to customers, event announcements, invitations to jubilees etc. The starting point is A4 sheets, which we print on one side with your text, logo and/or heading, pictures and address data. They then go to the finishing department where they are folded twice in a Z-scheme, resulting in a DL format measuring 9.8 x 21cm. This size is just right for quick insertion in any standard DL, C6 or C5 envelope. A clear benefit for you: you spend less on printer cartridges and your staff are spared the ordeal of folding up to 10,000 sheets.

Compliment Slips – Ideal for Supplementing Other Items

Say you’re sending out giveaways, ordered vouchers or purchased admission tickets. In all three cases, a compliment slip is perfect if you’d like to add a few personal words or a brief standardised message or announce an upcoming promotion to a senior position. It fits perfectly into DL, C5 and C6 envelopes and can help cultivate customer relationships or generate new business: effects that pay off for you. By the way, you can also have us print envelopes for you.

One Name – Four Products

As already explained above, we actually produce four different products in the category of “letterheads”:
  • A4 sheets
  • A5 sheets
  • A4 sheets printed and folded to DL
  • DL landscape sheets as compliment slips

Four Products for a Vast Range of Purposes

Which of these four products is best-suited for your application depends on what you want to accomplish:
  • Is it for sending invoices?
    • We recommend standard A4 letter paper for this.
  • Is it a newsletter?
    • Our prefolded DL format is the best choice.
  • Will you be including it with a posted or shipped product?
    • Go for compliment slips.
  • Will you be using it for all of your written correspondence?
    • Here too, we advise you to choose A4 letter paper.
  • Will you be using for personal or business purposes?
    • Both A5 and A4 letterheads are well-suited for personal correspondence. For business communications, A4 letter paper is best.

Good to Know

As just mentioned, our four products in the category of “letterheads” can meet different needs. Each of them also comes with various options in respect of paper weight, colours, quantities and delivery times. The following sections explain how to make the best possible choices for your application and company. So read on!

What You Should Know About Our Three Paper Weights and How They Impact Your Postal Costs

We let you choose from three different paper weights for your letterheads, depending on how you will be using them. In the following three points, we explain which products each of them is appropriate for:

80gsm: Our Eco-Friendly Paper

This paper is completely recycled and has been awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-mark. An A4 sheet of it only weighs 5 grams. Consequently, it saves you postage while avoiding environmental burdens. These are two tangible benefits that both your customers and your accountants will greatly appreciate. We only use our lightweight 80gsm eco-paper for printing A4 letterheads.

90gsm: Our Middleweight for Correspondence

Our middleweight where letterheads are concerned is a super-white 90gsm offset paper that conveys somewhat greater strength yet still only weighs in at 5.6 grams per A4 sheet. In the UK, this lets you send up to 17 sheets in a standard 1st or 2nd class letter. We’ll print the following on our 90gsm offset paper:
  • A4 and A5 letterheads
  • Letters folded to DL
  • Compliment slips

120gsm: an Icon of Strength

The 30gsm heavier version of our offset paper is especially well-suited for posting high-class items in which you want the paper to reinforce the weight of the message. Like an invitation to your firm’s 120th jubilee, a thank you letter as a follow-up, notification of a change in your top management or an announcement that you’ve won a major award. Weighing 7.5 grams per A4 sheet, you can still send up to 12 of them without spending a lot on postage. We’re ready to produce the following for you on our 120gsm paper:
  • A4 letterheads
  • Complement Slips

Three Tips on Optimally Folding Your Letterheads

There aren’t any hard and fast rules or guidelines on how to correctly fold letterheads to fit into envelopes. Nevertheless, most of us tend to use a double concertina fold starting at the top. And there are good reasons for doing it this way:
  1. The address is optimally aligned with the envelope’s window.
  2. The folding sequence is consistent with the direction is which normally read.
  3. The main contact data – typically placed at the top left or right – are immediately visible.
However, there are definitely other ways of folding. In the following, we describe all of the popular schemes, indicating:
  • How they are executed
  • The direction of folding
  • The positions of folding marks

The Favourite: Z-Fold (aka Concertina Fold)

We’ll start with the already-mentioned most popular way of folding letters: the Z-fold, which also goes by the name of concertina fold. It is mainly used for posting A4 sheets in DL envelopes, for both business and private purposes. The sheet is placed face down with the top and bottom reversed and then horizontally folded from the bottom up. Then the sheet is flipped over away from you and the bottom third is folded up (i.e. in the opposite direction to the first fold). This precisely divides the sheet into equal thirds. The folded sheet measures 21 x 10.5cm. Please place the fold marks on the left (long) side of the upright A4 sheet corresponding to the upper and lower thirds:
  • The first at 10.5cm
  • The second at 21.0cm

Second Choice: Letter Fold (aka Roll Fold or Barrel Fold)

In this folding scheme, the sheet also receives two parallel folds but this time in the same direction. Begin by placing the sheet upside down but face up, and fold slight more than one third from the bottom towards the top. Then rotate the sheet and repeat the operation, so the edge of the second folded flap is exactly aligned with the first fold. It should be 3mm shorter than the first. This asymmetry is important in order for the address to be completely visible in the envelope’s window. Like the Z-fold, the tri-fold is used for both business and personal correspondence. The fold marks should be located as follows:
  • Mark 1 at 10.0cm
  • Mark 2 at 20.5cm

Good Things Come in Threes: Double Cross Fold (aka French Fold)

The usual name – double cross fold – aptly describes the resulting fold pattern. You fold the sheet – it can be A5 or A4 – in the middle, then rotate it by 90 degrees and fold it in half again. The double cross fold is typically used for personal letters etc. sent in a C6 envelope (for A4) or C7 envelope (for A5). You can dispense with fold marks. When using a windowed envelope, the address is usually printed in exactly the right place on the back of the sheet using an inkjet or laser printer. You can of course also write it by hand or attach an address sticker.

Pros and Cons: E-Mail vs. Letters

E-mail lets you attach pictures, documents, links and audio recordings and thus use various channels to address multiple senses. And at no added cost – it’s quick and convenient to insert them where appropriate with a click of the mouse. These two advantages pay off in our fast-paced world, especially for dispatching messages to many recipients at the same time. Advocates of old-style letters counter that extra content can also be included when using the post, while admitting that this approach is costlier and requires a greater effort.

We Bring Colours to Life

When you order letterheads from us, by default we print them in full colour on one side. This goes for all four basic products. You also have the option of requesting our A4 and A5 letterheads printed on both sides – either in full colour on the front and black on the reverse or vice versa. It’s up to you.

Once, Always

Here’s our goal: for you to always order your advertising, business and other printed materials from us at Whether you want to reprint your delivery notes or business cards or get new letterheads printed along with suitable envelopes. Economically, fast and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our recommendations for printing Stationery

Explore the wide range of print products available from! All of our topics at a glance: Product Group Stationery, A4 Letterheads (297 x 210 mm), A5 Letterheads (210 x 297 mm), Prefolded A4 Letters (105 x 210 mm), Compliment Slips.

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