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Product Group: Posters

On corrugated plastic, for light boxes, in 18/1 format (18 x A1 = 3.52 x 2.5 m), digitally printed in small batches: whatever you need, we can do it. In standard and/or spot colours. With or without coating. And true to your data.

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Product: Posters

Picture posters, maps, advertising posters – there’s a huge range of possibilities. You design and specify them, we print them. In any requested colours and format for maximum impact.


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1 Posters
DIN B2 (50 X 70cm)
115gsm Affiche Paper
4/0 Full Colour (single-sided Print)

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Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Posters can beautify walls at home or in the office and/or put important messages in plain view of all and sundry. You can get them printed online at at affordable prices on three different paper weights in popular poster formats such as:

It starts with six W’s and a D

Before you sit down to design your poster, all full of enthusiasm and excitement, we advise you to ask yourself these basic questions:
  1. Which message should my poster communicate?
  2. Who will receive it?
  3. What should it contain – text, photos, drawings, graphics?
  4. Do the pictures meet our technical requirements for printing, namely at least 300dpi and the CMYK colour system?
  5. Where will your poster hang – indoors or outdoors?
  6. What quantity of posters do you want to order?
  7. When do you need your freshly printed posters by?
Got everything straight? Then off you go – we hope you have fun designing your poster and are glad to help you choose the best size, so it will be just as moving as an original van Gogh or Dalí. If you prefer other types of posters, or if you would like to test other printing materials, please feel free to visit our page large-format prints! At your disposal:

Six Formats - Or How to Give Your Posters the Ideal Measurements

In the case of A4, we all have a clear sense of its approximate size and dimensions. But can you say the same about A0 or B1? To help you imagine our various standardised poster sizes, we have assigned the letters normally associated with clothing to them, from XS to XXL: starting with the smallest and ending with the largest poster format that we can print.

A2 or XS: Our smallest posters excel with inner greatness.

XS is the most popular poster size for fan themes, pictures of pop bands, security and safety postings, corporate principles, wrapping paper, diplomas and certificates etc. XS is used both in the business world and in private life. It boasts the dimensions 420 x 594mm.

B2 or S: Small is beautiful.

S is a great choice if you’re planning to frame a poster. It has plenty of space for all the information you want to put on your individually designed poster, with enough left over for an attractive mounting mat (also called a passe-partout). It’s up to you whether you use it to present the motto of the year, a picture from your favourite holiday trip, an assembly of photographs chronicling the past year, a watercolour painting, a party announcement or a product award. S is most commonly chosen for business purposes, but is also popular for art reproductions. Its measurements are 500 x 700mm.

A1 or M: The perfect balance.

M is just as popular for posters as our smallest size, XS. It’s used for maps, flipcharts, packaging paper, film posters, hall plans etc., electoral campaigns and other large format prints. Its measurements are 594 x 841mm.

B1 or L: Makes a splash.

L gives you seven tenths of a square metre of space in which to present quotations, pictures, collages, information on events, expressions of gratitude, marriage proposals, organisation charts and much else in line with your corporate design rules or individual taste. L has these dimensions 700 x 1000mm.

A0 or XL: Getting up there.

XL means “extra large” and is the second-largest size in which we print posters. It’s an excellent choice for layout plans, transport schedules, campaign and film posters, corporate organisation charts and so on for hanging on walls at firms and in private homes. XL proudly measures 841 x 1189mm.

XXL: Mister Big

This is as far as our scale goes. With more than a whole square metre of space, an XXL poster is ideal for the things you want to express, present or announce in a big way. For motivating your staff or yourself, to provide inspiration after getting up in the morning or during breaks at work, to welcome victorious returnees, to advertise a summer festival etc. XXL maxes out at 1000 x 1400mm.

How To Give Your Poster the Right Weight

Some prints hang for years. Why? Because they evoke such fond memories. Or because their theme and message speak to the heart. To make sure that your favourite posters still looks good after years, even after being moved, we only print them on paper weights between 120 and 240gsm.

120g – Our moisture-loving featherweight

The lightest of our papers is suitable for wet gluing outdoors. Its blue-coloured opaque reverse prevents anything from shining through. And even if you attach posters to windows, the text or pictures look good and can be easily read or viewed.

175g – Our mid-range posters will light up your day

Our translucent, sturdy 175gsm backlighting foil beautifully illuminates your posters. Light – either natural sunlight or precisely aimed spotlights – shines through from the back and enhances the colours. The effect is dramatic, regardless of whether they are viewed from up close or far away. Backlighting posters are used in light boxes, with LEDs or for advertising on windows and display cases.

240gsm – Our heavyweight will make your home glow

This 240gsm indoor paper makes your colours, pictures and texts seem to glow. Thanks to its heavier weight, posters printed on it also lie absolutely flat: on metal, glass, wallpaper or plaster surfaces. This makes it ideal for cases in which you want to continue boldly proclaiming your message for a long time, with long-lasting texts and pictures. Today, tomorrow and next year.

Seven Tips on How and Where to Hang Posters

You naturally want your poster to be seen – by all of your staff or colleagues, friends, visitors, participants, guests etc. Especially as its relevance will endure the test of time; it expresses something that is lastingly important to you and that you want to keep in mind and memory for a long time to come. In the following, we explain where to put it for best effect and how to make sure that it continues to make a good impression.

At Eye Height

If you want your messages and pictures to be seen and noticed, it’s best to hang them at eye height. That means at about 170cm above the floor or ground. This way, most people are likely to register it.

Right in the Middle

Posters depicting important information – whether it is safety information or rules of conduct – should always be hung at central locations in the thick of the action. For example:
  • At receptions
  • At places of work
  • In coffee kitchens
  • In conference rooms
  • In meeting rooms
  • In toilets
  • In stairwells etc.
It’s also helpful if you stress your message’s importance by expressing it in large letters.

Stick It

The simplest way to hang posters is with adhesive tape, if it’s possible (it only works well on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, engineered wood etc.). Either visibly, with a strip of transparent sticky tape across each corner, or concealed with double-sided tape on the back.

Pin It

On papered, painted and plastered walls, posters can be securely attached with pins, thumbtacks or nails. The drawback is that they leave small holes that may be visible after removing the posters, but at least they don’t cause major damage.

Frame It

You create an especially elegant look by framing your poster with glass, aluminium or wood. This also greatly prolongs its life.

Clamp It

In stylish offices, advertising agencies and popular locales, for example, it’s very common to see posters and printouts hung with the aid of multi-purpose clamps. These can be attached at the top with nails, or several of them used to mount a poster on a sheet of Plexiglas – a great solution when you want to provide effectful backlighting.

Laminate It

Another way to extend the life and enhance the impact of a poster is to laminate it. This involves covering it with a sheet of water-repellent, UV-resistant plastic film, which also protects it from developing creases and dog’s ears. It’s ideal if you’re planning to hang it at a heavily trafficked location or want to make sure that it lies flat, i.e. flush with the wall or other surface.

When It Comes to Posters, We Won’t Disappoint You!

Getting posters printed used to be expensive and time-consuming and require a lot of back-and-forth travel. Today, however, in the age of online print shops like ours, all that has changed dramatically. Now everything goes swiftly, even if you only require a single copy, and costs you considerably less for both production and delivery.

A One-Day Wonder

In the old days, there was no way to get posters printed in less than a week. But today we print and dispatch the posters you want within a day (provided we receive your artwork and payment on time).

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