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Product Group: Brochures

We give you a choice of stapling, wiro binding, loop stitching or perfect binding. On untreated or high-gloss paper. Square or in DIN sizes. Your design is our command, and the work we do for you is totally affordable.

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Product: Perfect Bound Brochures

Perfect binding with PUR ensures long-lasting reading pleasure for up to 400 pages. It’s the perfect solution for catalogues, user manuals and voluminous price lists that need to be consulted often.


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Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Perfect Bound Brochures at

Even really thick tomes find the necessary support with us. Up to 400 pages can be printed without leaving the glue thanks to durable Perfect Bound Brochures. So if you want to put a few more pages together, we recommend our magazines Perfect Bound Brochures. The best and highest quality solution for the printing of jubilee publications, catalogues, school-leaving papers and also for your weighty final paper. We will help you with advice and help in printing your dissertation, bachelor's, diploma, technical and master's theses. Everything between 36 and 400 pages will be covered!

Perfect Bound Brochures for pure support

We have decided to use Perfect Bound Brochures as the perfect binding for your magazines. What is that, anyway? PUR stands for polyurethane hot melt adhesive. And why is that the best solution? Very simple:
  • Because this adhesive binding is particularly economical when applied
  • Because thick and glossy paper with Perfect Bound Brochures has the best cohesion
  • Because the reaction with the air humidity creates an inseparable bond in the long term
  • Because the bond does not break even at low temperatures
  • Because the Perfect Bound Brochures remains stable even at temperatures from -40°C to +100°C
  • Because Perfect Bound Brochures is simply the most durable on the market

Typesettings - Which is the most beautiful magazine in the country?

You have important things to say, you hit the keyboard, write down the text, then a few pictures and the magazine is ready? Better not. For a professional impression, you should take a closer look at type area – the harmonic relationship between printed and unprinted areas:
  • The type area consists of images and texts and is limited by the bars
  • Bridges are the white areas at the top, bottom, left and right on one side
  • As a rule of thumb, you can remember that the outer web should be twice as large as the inner web, the foot web should be the largest
  • Very text-heavy pages require particularly large white spaces or webs
  • Pages with little text and lots of pictures/graphics elements require less white space
  • The thicker the magazine, the worse it is to serve. Therefore, a correspondingly larger inner web is required so that all important elements are also visible
  • Is there an advertisement in your magazine? Where should the columns be placed best?

Mass and matt? Grip and shiny? Our 16 paper variants for your individual magazine

The content is crisp, the layout fits, the title convinces. We think that's brilliant! Or better yet matt? On which paper does your message come across really well? You can choose from 16 different combinations of cover and inside pages - from Small to XL.

Format and Lamination Weight inner pages Weight cover
Magazine S glossy: Inside 70g glossy Outside 170g glossy OR 250g glossy
Magazine S matt: Inside 70g matt Outside 170g matt OR 250g matt
Magazine M glossy: Inside 90g glossy Outside 170g glossy OR 250g glossy
Magazine M matt: Inside 90g matt Outside 170g matt OR 250g matt
Magazine L glossy: Inside 115g glossy Outside 170g glossy OR 250g glossy
Magazine L matt: Inside 115g matt Outside 170g matt OR 250g matt
Magazine XL glossy: Inside 135g glossy Outside 170g glossy OR 250g glossy
Magazine XL matt: Inside 135g matt Outside 170g matt OR 250g matt
No matter which paper you choose - all covers are finished with glossy or matt. That way, your printing unit stays as good as new, even if it has big things in store.

7-fold in shape

For your examination or final papers, you will probably choose the proven DIN A4 format. For all those who are free to decide, we have 6 additional chic magazine formats: DIN A5, DIN A6, DIN long, Square Large, Square XL and 17 x 24 cm.

Everything included in the price

4-colour printing, binding, foil lamination and delivery of your magazines with glued spine are included in the production price. For both express orders and standard orders. And regardless of whether you order 50 or 10,000 units from us. Shipping never costs extra!

Magazine printing with perfect binding - for long-lasting customer relationships

We are pleased about every praise from our customers. But we also accept criticism and then look for a solution to win you back for us. We even pay back their money to dissatisfied new customers. For a durable bond.

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