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Post and Greeting Cards

Product Group: Post and Greeting Cards

We put your message – whether it brings good tidings or condolences - on paper: in the form of postcards (also self-adhesive) and greeting cards. In full colour (4c) or black & white (1c). On one or both sides. You design them – we print them. On time and attractively priced.

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Product: Greeting Cards

Show your cards! To announce a wedding, say hi from your holiday, let everyone know that baby has arrived – we’ll print your greetings in appropriate DIN sizes or large, also circular for making the rounds. Available in quantities between 250 and 10,000. Always in brilliant colour.


Product details

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Our recommendation for you

50 Greeting Cards
Square Large (14.8 x 14.8cm)
220gsm Crisp Feel with a Textured Ribbed Surface, Cream
4-Sided/1-Fractured Fold with Scoring
4/4 Full Colour (double-sided print)
Delivered Folded

£17.68 nett
£21.22 gross

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Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Greeting cards print at PrintCarrier. com - best regards from us

No matter if it's a congratulations, an invitation, a thank you, a hello, a farewell, an ego-thinking-on-you or a show-that's-what-ever! We delight our customers in the printing of their individual greetings cards with first-class quality, a wide range of paper and various formats.

Quite versatile!

We print your greeting cards in the typical DIN formats You don't want to be typical, but special ? Then there are our special formats for your message: And it becomes even more versatile. Your greeting cards are available with 4 or 6 pages with the following folds: 1-break fold, wrap fold or zigzag fold. Of course, everything is grooved to avoid cracking.

With splendour and glory

The colours we use to print your colourful greetings cards on both sides are of glorious beauty. To ensure that these colours retain their luminosity on the heavily used exterior for as long as possible, we recommend the following finishes for our matt 300g thick art paper:
  • Outside: Laminated Gloss
  • Outside: Laminated Matt
  • Outside: Laminated Soft-touch
Or create a special feel with our ribbed 220g paper in the following colours:
  • Cream
  • White
If the sustainability of your paper is particularly important to you, we recommend these grammages:
  • 250g Ecological Paper (EnviroTop)
  • 250g Uncoated Paper
If you prefer to stay in the norm, you can simply use our two standard grammages:
  • 250g Gloss
  • 300g Matt

Who is happy about greeting cards?

In short: everyone! Because greeting cards mean someone thought of me. We know 3 particularly good reasons to send a personal greeting on paper.
  1. One thing you can touch: You get more personal messages every day than ever before. But almost every private message is digital, a flood of fast typing lines on the smartphone, and in between a few e-mails. None of these have any significant or lasting effects. A tangible, experiencable, smelly greeting card made of paper has a completely different status - promised by the recipient.
  2. Two, something personal: Sending a greeting card takes a few seconds longer than sending an e-mail or e-card. But it is precisely this effort that the recipient feels most intensely. A greeting card is a personal attention - a real appreciation!
  3. Third, a unique marketing ploy: Imagine that you can generate all these positive emotions for your customers. Leave the newsletter and flyer alone and send out greeting cards for a promising customer loyalty. Personal occasion, individual approach, hearty content, handwritten signature - the effect on your customers will be extraordinary.

What should the greeting card look like?

  • Unusual card formats stand out and surprise. But keep an eye on the postage. For square cards and other creative forms, shipping costs can quickly skyrocket.
  • Think carefully about the paper you need. What effect do you want to achieve? Should a noble and high-quality overall effect be achieved? Or would you prefer a brilliant performance? Or does reduced price and of course suits you better? All this can be underlined by the right paper.
  • The front of your card is the eye-catcher. At first glance, the card is supposed to impress, arouse curiosity and arouse emotions, but not seem overloaded. The message and content belong on the inside.
  • • It also depends on the packaging. The envelope should therefore fit the overall concept of the card. After all, the recipient sees it first.

Up to 5,000 greetings the day after tomorrow

You want to print 5,000 greeting cards? For Express printing and delivery only take 2 days and for standard orders a maximum of 4 days. But best of all, the delivery of your multi-page greetings cards is free of charge every time. Thanks to the shipping included in the production price.

Greeting cards printing - greeting your satisfaction

In addition to our low production prices and free shipping, our customers explicitly appreciate our good quality and good will. After all, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and reimburse new customers in the event of a warranty claim and delight our existing customers with a solution in their favour. As I said before - your satisfaction is greeted by us - from us - your cheap online print shop.

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