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Product Group: Flyers

We print flyers in all popular DIN and special formats. Folded or flat. In a single or full colour. With one or more pages. If you like, even including bespoke die cutting to make your flyer cut an even better figure.

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Product: Flyers

Flyers are one of the most popular means of advertising. Their understated look means they can be used in many different ways. A flyer with rounded corners gives you that special something – use this to good effect and draw people’s attention with your printed product.


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50 Flyers
Square Small (9.8 x 9.8cm)
300gsm Laminated Matt Both Sides
4/4 Full Colour (double-sided print)

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How to Design and Print Flyers and Leaflets That Win You New Business

Flyers and leaflets are quick, easy and inexpensive to produce. In terms of design, format, paper quality and page count, there is a virtually unlimited range of options to choose from. In our shop alone, you have your pick of no fewer than 408 different format-and-paper combinations. Of these, 229 are folded flyers, 157 are flat (unfolded) double-sided flyers and 22 are specially shaped die cut products. And there are countless possibilities of folding paginations for your print menu, table displays or of course your folded flyers as for example:

7 Questions for Creating a Successful Flyer or Leaflet

To decide which combination of format and paper is right for your purposes, begin by asking the following questions about your flyer or leaflet:
  1. What does it communicate or advertise?
  2. What is its purpose, i.e. what is your goal?
  3. Who is the target group?
  4. What kind of content does it have (text, pictures, graphics)?
  5. How many pages are needed to organise the content?
  6. How will it be distributed?
  7. From when until when will be it be used?
Once you have answered these seven questions, it will be easy for you to clearly define the format, paper type and weight, page count and any required postpress finishing steps (like folding, die cutting or lamination). Now you’re ready to start designing your flyer or leaflet!

Portrait, Landscape, Square, Round, Oval – the Effect of Different Formats

Flyers and leaflets in portrait format look dynamic and elegant; their form implies that they strive upwards towards bigger and better things. In landscape format, they appear broad and stable, and they also stand out because portrait formats are much more commonly used for magazines, brochures, catalogues, handbills, leaflets, etc. Square flyers and leaflets look calm, balanced and ordered, but are nevertheless conspicuous because they deviate from the DIN standard and aren’t used very often. Round handbills look harmonious and complete; being so unusual, they inevitably attract attention. Oval shapes are curvy and closed, like circles, but more active and peppier. In an upright position, they cause your flyer or leaflet to be perceived as ambitious and striving. Printed horizontally, an oval flyer or leaflet acquires the character of a sign with a broad, protective character. As you can see, the shape alone can greatly influence how your flyer or leaflet is received. So before you choose a standard shape out of habit, think about trying out something new for a change!

How to Choose the Right Paper Weight for Your Flyer or Leaflet

From Heavyweight to Flyweight

You decide how much weight you want your advertising message to carry. We offer you a full range of alternatives from sturdy, robust 450gsm paper all the way to featherweight 80gsm stock. You can choose the right weight to suit your needs.

A Weighty Affair

A paper’s weight is also called, more technically, its “grammage”. The basis for calculating it is a paper sheet with an area of exactly one square metre, in other words an A0 sheet. In that size, paper with 80 grams per square metre (gsm) weighs exactly 80 grams. An A4 sheet of the same paper weighs only five grams.

How to Calculate Weights

There are two ways to precisely calculate the total weight of your flyer or leaflet (which can be useful to know, for instance when sending it by post:
  1. You divide the weight, e.g. 80gsm, by the number of times that the format you have chosen fits into an A0 sheet. For example, there is room for 16 A4 sheets in an A0 sheet, so the maths are 80 ÷ 16 = 5g.
  2. You multiply the length of your sheet by its width (both in centimetres) and then by the weight of one square metre and then divide the result by 10,000.
For the example above, the calculation is 29.7 x 21 x 80 = 4.98 ÷ 10,000 = 4.9896g (just a hair less than 5g).

Paper Weight Expresses a Feeling

Of course, it would be a mistake to choose the weight of your flyer or leaflet only to save postage. Besides purely economic considerations, each kind of paper conveys a feeling and tactile sensation. A 70gsm sheet, for example, is thin and light and easily crumpled. This makes it suitable for items that won’t be handled more than once. By contrast, 450gsm paper is very strong, sturdy and robust. It is therefore an excellent choice for products that are likely to be consulted frequently. To sum up, 70gsm paper conveys lightness and fragility, while 450gsm paper communicates strength and durability.

We’ll Let You Cop a Feel

To let you experience how a given paper actually feels, we’re happy to send you our collection of print samples. They give you an idea of each paper’s weight, surface structure, ink absorbing properties etc., so you get an overall impression (and are reminded of why you have chosen us).

120 to 170gsm Are Standard

Most flyers and leaflets are printed on 120gsm to 170gsm paper. At these weights, paper can be easily folded, doesn’t feel either excessively flimsy or too hard, and an A4 sheet weighs between 7.5 and 10.6 grams – thus also saving postage into the bargain!

Very short delivery times

In addition to our 100% satisfaction we print and deliver your flyers within a standard delivery time of 4 days. But if you need your flyers very quickly, we recommend the Express, SameDay or SameDayPlus option. For a delivery from the next day if your files reach us before 5pm. And - icing on the cake - shipping is always free, regardless of the shipping option!

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