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Big or little giveaways, ballpoint pens or buttons – you decide which items to please your customers with. We’ll print them with your logo, name or slogan. Using state-of-the-art processes and in striking colours. Any time you want.

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Product: Clap Banners

A round of applause, please – no problem with our noisy clap banners! Colourfully printed, on matt paper or with glossy plastic lamination, they always evoke a good mood. And not only during the European Football Championship!


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Our Low Prices Deserve a Round of Applause

The folded paper objects popularly known as “clap banners” can be used for much more than as a clapping aid. They’re also great for sitting on rocks (to avoid getting a cold backside) or for holding over your head when it rains to keep from getting drenched. And doubling as autograph cards, they give stars plenty of room for adding a few personal words. As you can see, clap banners are full of potential for increasing your customers’ loyalty.

It Takes a Thick Skin

We print clap banners – also known as clapper fans or fan clappers – double-sided in full colour followed by lamination with matt or glossy plastic. So neither rain nor storm nor sharp rocks can stop them.

We Make Sure You Get Attention

Your applause deserves to be heard, and we make sure it is by printing our clap banners on super-white 350gsm art paper: for fans who want to stand out in the crowd.

For Big Fans

Of course, thick paper alone does not an attention-getting racket make. The format also matters. We therefore print our affordable clap banners in the (unfolded) size of 45 x 32cm. That’s plenty big enough to sit on or keep the raindrops from falling on your head!

Unfold Your Potential

Each of our clap banners is scored in eight places for quick and easy folding – while sitting or standing, in a stadium or on the playing field, in short anywhere that you and your mates want to give your team or club a rousing round of applause.

Crowd-Pleasing Quantities

We can’t, of course, anticipate how your own customers will use your personalised clap banners: for sitting on, as protection from the weather, as a way of loudly expressing approval etc. All we know is that they are consistently applauded by ours, who love to order them in quantities of 250, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000.

Three Cheers for Free Delivery

We print your clap banners within five to six working days and deliver them to any address you choose free of charge, as we always include shipping in the price of production.

A Big Hand for Quality

When we print clap banners, our commitment to top quality is undeniable. In every single fold and panel. But in case we ever even slightly miss the bull’s-eye of perfection, if you are a repeat customer we’ll propose a generous solution. And if it’s your first order with us, you get your money back. We want you to continue applauding us, both online and offline.

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