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Through the year with

Calendars! Please choose:

Wall Calendars
  • Format DIN A1 to DIN B2
  • Quantity from 50 to 5,000 pieces
The wall calendar belongs to the classics among the calendars. Just hanging on the wall, it always gives a good overview of upcoming appointments, meetings or timelines. Choose your preferred format between DIN A1 and DIN B2 and we will print your wall calendar on one side in full colour on 170gsm matt photo paper.
Stapled Calendars
  • Small quantites from 50 pieces
  • Double sided print
Our stapled calendars cane be found on every office desk - whether with your employees or customers. Design your own personal calendar in DIN A4, DIN A5, DIN A6 and DIN long format or as a handy square. Decide for glossy 135gsm imprint paper or the 170gsm version with a matt finish..
Double-Sided Calendars
  • DIN A4 format
  • Suitable as a side dish
Planning made easy - with our double-sided calendars. They always have the next weeks and months in view, do not miss a holiday and know exactly when holidays are coming up. This particular type of calendar is well suited as a magazine or newspaper insert. We will print you calendar on 170gsm or 300gsm matt photo paper for excellent readability!
Pocket Calendars
  • Quanities of 250 to 5,000 pieces in standard
  • business card format of 8.5 x 5.5cm.
Do you want to see the whole year at a glance? Then choose our calendar in the handy business card format, which can be found in every wallet and every trouser pocket. We print on 300g paper, which is particularly robust with a matt finish. It is durable, always at hand and a useful give away!
Photo Calendars
  • 13 or 14 sides
  • With spiral binding
A picture is worth a thousand words. With a wire-o bound photo calendar, you present your products to your customers month after month. Choose between 135gsm glossy or 170gsm matt paper to set your products perfectly in the spotlight! Whether a wire-o bound photo calendars calendar with 13 or 14 pages - you decide! The A4 calendar is available in landscape and portrait format with spiral binding.
Year Planners
  • Standard format 21.2 x 42.2cm
  • Quantites of 10 to 250 pieces
Do you like to plan in advance? Then decide for our annual planner with a three-month preview in which you can register all your appointments, events and trade fairs in advance, so that your customers are always well informed. We will print your calendar in the standard format of 21.2 x 42.2cm and in either a 13- or 14-page version. Your calendar of the year makes a good impression on both 135gsm glossy and 170g matt paper.
Table Calendars
  • Spiral Binding
  • Must-haves on every desk
Appointments, deadlines, events – keep track of them all with one of our table calendars! These little helpers make a world of difference, letting you plan and organise your days at work much better. We print them on both sides of a sturdy 170gsm sheet with matt finish or on a lighter 120gsm natural paper.

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Print Calendars at – the Whole Year in View

Present yourself 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day!

One beautiful thing about calendars is that they put you and your firm right in front of your customers’ eyes 365 days a year. In the office or at home. On a desk or hung on the wall. With one or multiple pages. So seize the opportunity and become the centre of attention for a whole year! To ensure success, begin by asking yourself these questions:
  1. Who belongs to the target group – existing or new customers?
  2. Only locally or also further away?
  3. How should I get the calendars to their recipients – personally, by post or as newspaper inserts?
  4. What will my customers like best – the entire year at a glance, half a year at a time or a month on each page?
  5. What calendar system should I use – lunar, religious or Gregorian?

Start the Next Year with a Bang

To find out how to successfully create your next year, read on. We provide you with the most important information on the various available kinds of calendars, possible formats, recommended paper weights and tips on content and design.
May the new year be a real blockbluster for you and your customers!

Seven Calendars That Always Work, Year After Year

In addition to different calendar systems, when printing we distinguish different calendar formats. For the most part, they differ in terms of their dimensions, uses and/or how many days are shown on each page. In the following, we acquaint you with our seven bestselling formats, all of which are excellent choices.

Wall Calendars for People with Big Plans for Next Year

Let your customers keep the entire year in view, including bank and school holidays, in a large format. Designed with your corporate colours, logo, slogan and/or motto for the year. This way they not only keep track of the year, but also have you prominently displayed right in front of them, day in and day out.

Twice as Nice, Twice as Good: Colourful Stapled Calendars

Sales promotions, marked-down products, company anecdotes, trade fair exhibits: these calendars are excellent for telling your customers what they need to know for the coming year, month by month. Neatly presented on 12 monthly two-page spreads containing all of the important information on your promotions, specials, anecdotes and trade fairs on one side and the month on the other. Designed and illustrated by you and printed by us as 28-page stapled full-colour calendars. The next 12 months will look twice as good – for you and for your customers, staff and suppliers.

The Best Half-Year Information of All Time: Double-Sided Calendars

Colourfully printed with six or seven months per page, double-sided calendars present half a year on each side. There are two versions, with six or seven months on each side. One version goes from December of the preceding year to July of the present year on the front and from August of the current year to January of the following year on the back. The other version extends from January to July and from August to December of the current year.

Handy Pocket Calendars That Fit Anywhere

The biggest thing you can do is concentrate on the essentials – by presenting the most important information in a miniature format. In the case of calendars, that means providing a compact overview of the year along with your logo and contact data in a size that fits in any pocket or wallet. This makes it very likely that your customers will carry your personalised pocket calendar wherever they go: in a shirt pocket, wallet, card case or anywhere else that’s convenient.

Let Pictures Speak for You: Full-Colour Photo Calendars

Would you like to enhance each month with a suitable photo, an inspiring quotation or saying or a humorous illustration? If so, you’ll be right on the money with our full-colour photo calendars. You can take advantage of their 12 pages to beautifully decorate the entire year. They are available with front cover only or with a cover on the front and back.

Stripped to the Essentials: Slim Calendars

If you’re a numbers kind of person, it’s probably enough if your calendar depicts each month numerically while leaving room for notes, annotations, dates, appointments etc. Our slim calendars perfectly fit the bill. They can even be designed with your corporate design in mind: with your corporate colours, typeface and logo.

We Have the Right Plan: a Practical Year Planner

We recommend our practical year planners to everyone who likes to keep the last, current and next month in view at the same time. Wire-O bound with 13 or 14 pages: 12 pages showing three successive months on each, plus a front cover and optionally also a back cover.

the precise calendar, the Table calendars

Keep track of your daily or hourly appointments - with our table calendars, your organization will be accurate!

Six Types for a Better Overview of Your Appointments

Most of us use a calendar to keep track of our personal and business dates and appointments. They can include visits to a doctor, birthdays, waste pickup times, business meetings, cleaning days and so on and so forth. And special calendars are available for dates and appointments of all kinds.
In the following, we have collected the types that in our opinion are the best-known and most useful. Along with a brief explanation of each one and the format we recommend for it.

Birthday Calendars

The special thing about these calendars is that they are not usually tied to a certain year. The opposite is true: they can be used year after year and never lose their relevance. After all, birthdays keep repeating on the same day and in the same month. So you can use one of these calendars to keep a permanent record of the birthdays of your parents, grandparents, children, aunts and uncles, best friends etc.
Here we recommend our large wall calendar format.

Holiday Calendars

These tend to vary enormously depending on the country, province, state etc., each of which defines its own bank and school holidays. In Germany alone, there are 16 different schedules corresponding to the various states.
Our year planners are excellent for keeping track of holidays.

Family Calendars

Even in a family of two, coordinating things can be a major headache. The best way to deal with this is a jointly kept calendar in which everyone enters their dates and appointments.
We recommend our photo calendars and year planners for this.

Rubbish Collection Calendars

These days, most countries actively practice recycling. Although the UK is currently only in tenth place in the EU, its recycling rate is steadily improving. A big part of this is proper segregation of different types of waste. And a local or regional rubbish collection calendar can be a big help for remembering when to put what out. It lists the dates for pickup of household waste, organic waste, paper etc., often making use of symbols and/or colours to indicate each type.
These calendars are most easily implemented on the basis of our year planner.

International Holiday Calendars

This type of calendar is especially useful for large international corporations. It indicates all of the holidays – religious, official and culture – in a particular exporting or importing country. It can be consulted to help avoid supply bottlenecks and misunderstandings.
Our wall calendar is a good basis for this.

Vacation Calendars

Our firm’s staff have widely different family situations. To make it easier to meet everyone’s holiday wishes, they keep a calendar together.
Our large-format wall calendars are ideal for this purpose.

Win Customers with These Dates

You decide which information your calendar should contain. The same goes for how you want to distribute the months across the available pages and within your chosen format. The basic rule is, like when designing practically all advertising items and print products, that more is less. Nevertheless, there are a few pieces of information and certain dates that are worthwhile to include as they make it easier for recipients to use your bespoke calendars for monitoring their appointments.

Bank Holidays

In most commercial calendars, bank holidays are indicated by name and coloured for emphasis. It goes without saying, however, that these work-free days differ greatly both between and within countries. It helps to clearly define the target group: is it limited to, say, Scotland or England, or does it span the entire United Kingdom, Europe or even the world?

Week Numbers

Especially in the business world, week numbers are very often used to set dates and deadlines. So your customers will probably be glad if you include them in your calendar.

School Holidays

In Germany alone, every one of the 16 states has a different schedule for school holidays. And at least 50 different schemes are in use worldwide – without counting regional variations within countries. It isn’t feasible to list all of them in the same calendar, so it’s a good idea to clearly define who will receive your calendar and where and, if necessary, to design and produce different national or regional versions as appropriate.

Different Languages

Internationally active companies like to give away multilingual calendars in which the months, days and holidays are given in the local language plus English or another foreign language. To avoid overloading your calendar, however, we recommend that you not use more than three different languages – naturally while taking account of linguistic customs in each country.

Lunar Phases

Some people sleep poorly at full moon. Other suffer physically and emotionally during the new moon. So you can definitely do your customers, business partners, staff and suppliers a favour by graphically indicating the phases of the moon in your calendar. As they always change at the same time worldwide, nothing can get lost in translation.

How Most of Your Customers Tell Time

Today the Gregorian calendar is the most widely used system in the world. It is named for Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in 1582 to reform the Julian calendar then in use by synchronising it much more accurately with the actual duration of the solar year.

Surprise People by Counting Differently

Some people faithfully get their haircuts in time with the lunar calendar. Find out what your customers rely on – the sun, moon or stars – and astonish them with an entirely new timekeeping system. Either in a combination version that includes the Gregorian calendar, supplemented with information on the lunar phases. Or as a strictly stellar year planner with interesting advice on how to improve one’s health, romantic relationships, success etc.

Colourfully Printed Through the Year

They’re all yours: 365 days! In all imaginable variations, formats, style, kinds of paper to ideally suit your taste and needs. All of these options let you flexibly plan your calendar and your year exactly as you require.

A Canvas for Your Creativity

It’s child’s play for you to design your own bespoke calendar. We provide you with a clearly organised and defined blank template for each calendar type, precisely corresponding to the final format (in some cases predefined, in others freely selectable). For example, our PDF template for year planners is for a format of exactly 21.2 x 42.2cm, plus the required bleed. All of them help you optimally position your designs and monthly overviews while leaving the right amount of space for the wire-O binding and staying within the maximum printable area.

Make It a Good Year

Every year is different, with new opportunities and possibilities – just like our calendars. It’s up to you whether you want a small calendar in business card format for your wallet. Or a self-designed picture calendar that will enchant you and others every month anew. Or else a single-sided wall calendar that gives you the big picture at a glance. We have the right answer in every case.

Our recommendations for printing Calendar

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