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Available from £ 13.00 NET
£ 15.60 GROSS
Classic Business Cards
  • Practical
  • Standardised format
  • Available from le from £ 13.00 NET
Business cards are a small, handy and highly practical way to present yourself to others so they will be sure to remember you. They make it easy to enlarge your social network and stay in touch with important business partners.
Available from £ 28.00 NET
£ 33.60 GROSS
Plastic-Laminated Business Cards
  • Optimally protected
  • Long life
  • Available from le from £ 28.00 NET
Give your business cards a bit of extra protection. Enhanced with film lamination, they stand up to the big and little challenges of everyday life with ease. You can count on them to last and last without losing their good looks.
Available from £ 25.00 NET
£ 30.00GROSS
Business Cards on Natural and Eco-Friendly Papers
  • Good for the environment
  • SustainAvailable from le
  • Available from le from £ 25.00 NET
We say yes to protecting the environment! That’s why we offer you business cards printed on eco-friendly materials and natural papers. They are recyclAvailable from le, uncoated and an Available from solute blessing for the environment.
Available from £ 25.00 NET
£ 30.00 GROSS
Classic Folding Business Cards
  • Extremely versatile
  • Practical
  • Available from le from £ 25.00 NET
Our folding business cards are ideal for a wide range of uses. Do you want cards printed with your contact data, or are you looking for attractive customer loyalty cards? Our classics are perfect for both!
Classic and elegant
Marked colors
Available from £ 19.00 NET
£ 22.80 GROSS
MultiLoft® Colour Core Business Cards
  • Choice of 11 different colours
  • Sturdy
  • Available from le from £ 19.00NET
White was yesterday! Today, our multilayer business cards with colour core inject emotion into the drab world of business. Make a friendlier, more creative, more varied impression! Our three-layer business cards are characterised by extra thickness and strength as well as attractive colours.
Available from £ 23.00 NET
£ 27.60 GROSS
Bundled Classic Business Cards
  • Express your personality
  • Set yourself apart
  • Available from le from £ 23.00 NET
Our bundles let you easily provide each member of your staff with personalised cards. All of them naturally emblazoned with your logo and corporate design. Ideally suited for replenishing your stocks!
Available from £ 126.00 NET
£ 151.20 GROSS
Acrylic Glass Business Card
  • Lightness
  • Strong colors
  • Available from le from £ 126.00 NET
Decide for the colorful ease! Our business cards made of transparent acrylic glass impress with their bright colors. You decide whether you want to introduce yourself in green, blue, orange or yellow.
Natural product
Available from £ 95.00 NET
£ 114.00 GROSS
Wooden Business Cards
  • 100% natural
  • Every one is unique
  • Available from le from £ 95.00 NET
Our wooden business cards are 100% natural products, as you can tell from the grain and other details of the wood. Every one is unique! Being very thin, our wooden cards are also exceptionally lightweight, practical and easy to store.
Natural product
Unique pieces
Available from £ 105.00 NET
£ 126.00 GROSS
Leather Business Cards
  • 100% natural
  • Every one is unique
  • Available from £ 105.00 NET
Leather is a robust material that has been successfully used for countless things over the millennia. And you too can take advantage of it for your business cards. It boasts a pleasant look & feel and natural colouring. And as only 100% natural products are used, every business card is unique!
Extremely durable
Available from £ 125.00 NET
£ 150.00 GROSS
Metal Business Cards
  • Extremely robust
  • Elegant look
  • Available from le from £ 125.00 NET
Do it the hard way! Our metal business cards excel with their long life and elegant surfaces. You can choose brass, stainless steel or aluminium.
Unique pieces
Available from £ 105.00 NET
£ 126.00 GROSS
Vinyl Business Cards
  • Recycled Records
  • Retro optics
  • Available from le from £ 105.00 NET
Our vinyl business cards from recycled records are each unique. They not only convince you through their retrooptics, but also their sustainability. With these maps, you can make everything right with regard to trend and environmental awareness!

Benefit from...

State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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Artwork check ... a free basic check of your print data is included to keep you on the safe side.

Print Business Cards at – and Make a Lastingly Good Impression

Business cards are handy and practical: they are like little personal signs that you can carry with you wherever you go. Ideally, they should reflect your personality while making a memorable impression on others.

In Perfect Form

Keep your feet on the ground and convince others with down-to-earth business cards that express both your individuality and your integrity. If you want more space, take advantage of our business cards with scoring fold. And our bundles let you order up to ten different layouts for various members of your staff at once. Besides being practical, this saves you time and money.
When you opt for that certain something decide for business cards made of exclusive materials or finishes. There is almost no limit to their creativity. Offer a special haptic effect to your customers and business partners!

Five good- individually folded and bundled

We print business cards for you in three different versions:

  • Standard cards printed on the front and back in various paper types and weights
  • Folded cards in landscape or portrait format in a wide choice of paper kinds and grammages
  • Bundled cards with up to ten different layouts in many different paper grades and thicknesses
  • Exclusive materials that give your cards a certain look with a special feel.
  • Exclusive finishes that are convincing with their luster, haptics and individuality.

The Two Most Popular Formats for Successful Business Cards

Two formats have weathered the test of time. Why only two, you may ask. Well, for very practical reasons: both formats fit neatly into the integrated pockets and slots of purses and wallets, as well as into the business card cases and storage boxes that are available in a wide range of materials.
8.5 x 5.5cm – One Size Fits All

Eminently Versatile

Cards of this size can, of course, be used for all kinds of things. Traditionally they are handed out to give people your contact information, but they can also perform many other functions for a kaleidoscope of purposes. To cite just one example, as customer loyalty cards.

8.5 x 5.5cm is the most commonly used format for credit and debit cards and also the most popular size for business cards. Most of our customers also play it safe by choosing it. It can be printed in landscape or portrait format, whichever makes more sense in view of the amount of text, logos etc. that need to fit onto the card and the orientation of the logo and/or slogan.

Two or Four Sides? It Depends on the Content

Whether you should choose a folding business card or the standard double-sided version depends mainly on how much information you want or need to accommodate, as well as the purpose you will be using it for.

The two-sided version is usually adequate for a classic business card that contains contact data and not much else. But if you’re also planning to include a QR code linking to a video or website, an excerpt from your range of services or products or a sketch showing how to find you, we recommend stepping up to four sides. If nothing else, it makes sure you have room to effectively present all of your information.

9.0 x 5.0cm – Lean and Mean

This slightly narrower and longer version, measuring 9 x 5cm, looks more elegant than the standard credit card format. Despite being five millimetres longer and less wide, it also fits well into card boxes, pockets and slots. Business cards of this size are especially well-suited for high and narrow logos and “lean” topics and professions such as nutritionists, tunnel builders, architects specialised in tower blocks etc

Loyalty Stamp Cards

Having been largely abandoned and pooh-poohed as old-fashioned, good old loyalty stamp cards are now staging a comeback. Bakeries, copy shops, gyms, tanning salons and more have avidly re-embraced them. They are usually colourful and printed on four sides so there is enough space to legibly include the fine print in addition to fields for stamping.

Further information for your Business Cards

The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Winning Customers with Business Cards

As already mentioned, your business card should reflect and convey your company and its philosophy at first sight and touch. The way to accomplish this is to correctly define the individual design parameters: format, paper, number of sides, lettering, colours and any extra finishing such as lamination. The following questions can help you clarify this:

  • Which direction should the text run – from top to bottom, or left to right?
  • What is more important to you – eco-friendliness or making a brilliant impression?
  • How much information do you want to accommodate – just your address data, or also your service or product portfolio?
  • What industry are you active in – fashion, technology, consulting, retailing, restaurants etc.?
  • Which kinds of colours go well with you and your business – bright or subdued?
  • How would you describe your colleagues and competitors – are they conservative or progressive?
  • What elements are dictated by your logo, in terms of colour and/or typeface?
  • What should your card stand up to – moisture or frequent handling?
Once you’ve answered these questions, you have established the main parameters for designing and printing your bespoke business cards.

Take Lessons from a Professional Layout Artist on Designing Business Cards That Really Work!

To enable you to easily create your own business cards in future, we have worked with a layout expert to prepare a book entitled “Designing Business Cards” for you.
This book covers everything you need to know to quickly and easily design business cards yourself and optimise the artwork for printing. One after the other, the following steps are explained:
These 12 detailed sections are followed by brief discussions of the two possible orientations (landscape and portrait), structuring information, choosing the right paper and finishing options.
Take advantage of our knowledge and design your personal business cards with our help – just as professionally as an expert graphic artist.

  1. Choosing a layout program
  2. Deciding what to include
  3. Identifying the desired impact
  4. Defining the target group
  5. Harmonising your cards with your corporate philosophy
  6. The ABC of formats
  7. Tips on organising the content
  8. Colours and their effects
  9. Tricks for ensuring good readability
  10. Placement of pictures
  11. Using empty space
  12. Advice on typefaces and font sizes

Where to Store Your Business Cards to Keep Them Looking Fresh

There are no laws on where and how to store and carry business cards; that’s up to each individual. However, experience has shown that certain ways are more effective for preserving their freshly printed look as long as possible.

Lovingly Encased

Holders and cases are a classic way to keep business cards looking sharp. They are available in a wide range of materials including leather, stainless steel, silver, plastic and wood. At meetings, seminars, trade fairs or other events, it looks impressive when you take the case out to pass along your business card to a prospective customer. They generally only hold a fairly small number of cards, however, so it makes sense to also keep a well-stocked larger storage box in your desk drawer.

The Downside of Wallets and Briefcases

Wallets and briefcases are very popular for storing and transporting business cards. It makes sense, as businesspeople almost inevitably take one or the other or both along when travelling. The problem is that the material they are made of – usually genuine or imitation leather – means they are less sturdy than a dedicated card holder or case. Moreover, the cards’ surfaces are only rarely completely covered. They are therefore highly prone to crumpling, dog-ears and ink rub-off. Some wallets and briefcases can also stain their contents. The upshot: if you’d rather hand out business cards that still look like new even after the tenth trip, purchase a professional case. Or at the very least, carefully inspect your cards before each journey to make sure that you only distribute ones that still look like new.

Think in the Box

Storage boxes for business cards are often made of cardboard or plastic and available in various sizes. They are ideal for keeping a large number of cards on hand while reliably preventing them from getting ragged corners, fading or becoming scratched.

Purses – Seek and You Shall Find

Although more and more purses and handbags now also include pockets or special compartments for business cards, sadly they are not very effective in preventing crumpling, worn corners and rub-off. What’s more, they are open at the top for quick and easy access. The “rub” is that they can also easily slide out and tumble wildly about inside the purse. The resulting wear renders them unusable. We therefore urge you to store them in a protective holder. You do want your cards’ appearance to reflect the quality of your products or services, don’t you?

Our recommendations for printing Business Cards

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