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Plaques, signers, flags, banners, displays … our low-priced online print shop offers you state-of-the-art processes for printing on almost any surface and substrate. So your advertising will make a lasting impression.

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Product: Beach Flags

Have you already spotted our windy “Trend” and “Elegance” flags? They look great and, measuring up to 300cm across, are very effective eye-catchers. Check out our S and M beach flags – we’ll be happy to personally introduce them to you.


Product details

Product details Beach Flags 1 Product details Beach Flags 2
Our recommendation for you

1 Beach Flags
Elegance S (height 250cm), including Bottom Plate for indoor Usage
115gsm Polyester Fabric
4/0 Coloured (single-sided textile print, translucent, therefore visible on both sides)

£95.66 nett
£114.79 gross

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State-of-the-art printing presses ... leading-edge technology for ultra-crisp printing.

Eco-friendliness ... carbon-neutral online printing for the environment´s sake.

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The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind

These products are also known as beach banners, freestanding flags and wind flags. Both of the elegant types we offer are all the rage. Use them to excellent effect in front of your firm, at your trade fair stand or at the entrance to your seminar room. Our dynamic duo attracts customers, visitors, participants or guests. It only depends on where you flag them down.

Elegant and Trendy

We print beach flags in two different shapes, each in a choice of two sizes:
  • Trend S: Teardrop-shaped, 200cm high, includes base for indoor use
  • Trend M: Teardrop-shaped, 243cm high, includes base for indoor use
  • Elegance S: Bow-shaped, 250cm high, includes base for outdoor use
  • Elegance M: Bow-shaped, 303cm high, includes base for outdoor use

Ignite Burning Interest – with No Risk of Fire

The 115g lightweight polyester fabric of our inexpensive beach flags is B1-certified, meaning highly flame-resistant. It therefore meets the most important prerequisite for effective use in and around places where people gather.

The Stuff of Which Good Advertising Is Made

Our beach flags also meet other essential requirements for advertising your brand:
  • They are fully washable.
  • They are tear-proof, robust and reusable.
  • They are transparent, which lets the single-sided full-colour print bleed through and be admired from either side.

No Need to Take Sides

We naturally print your beach flags inexpensively in exactly the quantity you require: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. We’d just like to mention that you can make an even greater impact by using multiple flags together.

Free Shipping

No matter how many beach flags you order from us, delivery to you or any other specified address is always free because shipping is included in the price.

Satisfied Customers

We want you to be completely and utterly happy with our Trend and Elegance beach flags. But just in case you ever have any misgivings about our products, we promise to resolve our differences in your favour – and if it’s your first order, even give you a full refund with a smile. We want to put wind in your sails!

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