Print colours and printing process

Print colours

As long as the product description contains no other information, we print using process-colour printing (CMYK).

Printing process

Offset print

Offset print is an indirect planographic printing. This means the printing process is not carried out directly from the printing plate, but the colour is transferred additionally via a blanket cylinder. As printing and non-printing areas are on one level using planographic printing, we use the different characteristics of the surface of the printing plate.

The printing areas are grease-friendly (lipophilic) and absorb the fatty print colour. The non-printing areas are moisturized with water and reject grease (hydrophilic) and therefore the colour during the print process. Our newspapers are produced using reel-fed offset printing which means we print the paper from the roll instead of single sheets.

Digital print

Using this printing process the print layout arrives directly at the paper to be printed. We do not use any extra prepress repro. Digital print combines the technology of a colour printer with the mechanism of a printing machine. The process is comparable to a laser printer.

Here the print cylinder activates the toner from the loaded areas, transfers them to the paper and fixes it through heat. Due to this process, these print products can not be printed with a laser printer afterwards, because the colour would peel off.

Colour variation

Despite latest printing machines, slight colour variation can occur. The printing result depends on many parameters, for example:

• Characteristics of the paper from the individual manufacturer, e. g. white level
• Running direction of the paper
• Matt or gloss paper (paper type)
• Current climatic condition at the printing place, like temperature and humidity

Therefore, unfortunately we can not guarantee exact colour matches. Artworks which are created according to our requirements will give you a satisfactory colour result in nearly every case.

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