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Tips for start-ups: Writing business letters correctly

The business letter can be intimidating at first. After all, this is a formal document that communicates a business concern to the outside world. Incidentally, a business letter is any communication that a company sends to an outsider, including order confirmations, offers, correspondence with suppliers and much more. And all these communications are subject to a number of rules, obligations, norms and practices. Now, to the bias probably a portion of confusion comes along. What MUST be included in a business letter according to commercial law? What SHOULD you insert? What is the DIN 5008 standard? What is obligatory and where do I have room for manoeuvre? Many questions we would like to answer step by step.
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7 Do’s and Don’ts in the design of postcards

A greeting, a congratulation, a thank you, a souvenir or an invitation, the permanent fire postcard is next to the flyers and greeting cards a popular instrument when making contact. Well, he knows what to look for in the design and where you burn your fingers quickly.
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Trend product acrylic glass – Everything you need to know about the versatile glass replacement

You opened and closed your shower cubicle this morning. Then you took a measuring cup or a shatter-proof bowl in the kitchen during breakfast and then perhaps took a look at your greenhouse in the garden. On your way to work, you leaned against a transparent partition wall in the bus or subway, fixed your glasses with the plastic lenses on your nose and watched the time nervously through the glass of your wristwatch. And what does all this have to do with each other? In all these actions, you have probably come into contact with acrylic glass. As you can see, this practical and extremely versatile material is ubiquitous in our everyday life. But this material does not only have its practical side – acrylic glass can also be used to make trendy products that are chic and stylish.
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Prove Style – The 3 Rules of Good Designing // Rule # 3

If one considers the third basic rule of design in the design of print or online media, there is not much that can go wrong. introduces Rule # 3: Recognition.
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Business Card Boxes – an essential accessory?

Only 8.5 x 5.5 cm small, showing every important information on only one sight and are individual designable. I of course speak about business cards, which are still essential for business, despite online platforms like Facebook, Xing, etc. The exchange of this informational piece is and stays an central ritual at all first meetings in business – a handy gesture with many advantages for both sites. However, handy things mostly requires handy packages. Therefore, we put our thoughts together about business card boxes. Is it always necessary to have this accessory in your pocket? Or is it only frippery?

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Restaurant and Hotel products – To feast your eyes upon

Always eating and drinking – that is the well-known saying that would promise every restaurant owner a thriving business. Delicious food and an atmospheric interior design are an important beginning for your success. But sometimes the devil is in the details. In this article, we will show you how our creative and high-quality gastronomy and hospitality products make a decisive contribution to the look and feel of your restaurant.

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5 Motives for Your Calendars That Your Customers Are Going to Love

You may not want to hear it, but only a bit more than 100 days are left until it is Christmas. It does not matter how much preparation is done this turbulent time of the year arrives always surprisingly fast. Therefore, we help you ticking of one thing of your list already.
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Prove Style – The 3 Rules for a great design // Rule # 2

Those who respect the three basic rules of design have already laid the foundations for a great design. In the following, we will discuss the second principle of good design.

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6 Things Only Business Cards Can Help You Succeeding with Your business!

Business Cards – Water Under the Bridge?

It cannot be denied: We already spend our life most of the time online. Many things held in our hands printed on paper in the past does only exist online anymore. In addition, our business contacts are exchanged fast by our smartphones. If you intend to learn more about your contact in front of you just consider Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook. In such a digitalised world, is there still a place for printed business cards? We obviously say: Of course! And here are our 6 reasons.
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Basic principles of brochure design: the type area – part 1

The design of a brochure is a complex task. In contrast to business cards or postcards, the scope of a brochure generally means that the designer has considerably more areas to get to grips with. This not only means more work, it also means there needs to be a clear structure. The type area, i.e. the printed area of a brochure, conveys the first impressions to the reader, and provides an overview as well as the necessary framework, literally. The art of the getting type area right is to achieve an optimal and harmonious relationship between the printed and the unprinted areas of the page, giving due consideration to the given necessities.
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