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The World of Stickers

On packages, products, scooters, shop windows: you can always attract attention with stickers. Especially for businesses and service providers that want to increase recognition of their brand, but also for private individuals, stickers are a great way to spread information, wishes or greetings.
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The Most Popular Admission Options for Your Event

Come right on in! This works if you’re planning a corporate happening, a party, concert or disco, or any other kind of event and you want to invite all of your staff, co-workers, customers etc. But if only invited guests may attend or it’s necessary to purchase admission, there’s no getting around the need to perform checks at the entrance. There are various ways to identify who is invited or has already paid.
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Publicity for Carnival

In many of the world’s Christian countries, the festive Carnival season is celebrated during the weeks in February and March that precede the start of Lent. In the UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries, only vestiges of this tradition are left during the period historically known as Shrovetide, which includes Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. Elsewhere, however, it is still very much alive and a vibrant affair.
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Printing Menus

Professional menus – in addition to good cooking, a pleasant ambience and attentive service – are crucial for making restaurant guests happy and increasing the likelihood that they will come again. Menus should do more than simply list the dishes that are served; they should also whet guests’ appetite and perhaps encourage them to try something new.
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Tricks for Winning Sponsors

Getting a school newspaper, club magazine or theatre programme printed can cost you a pretty penny. To keep costs down, it is therefore common practice to search for sponsors. These contribute to covering the project’s costs and in return receive free space for running adverts.

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The Seven Biggest Mistakes Made When Designing Letterheads

Letterheads are an absolute must in the business world. They represent your firm and therefore ought to make a professional, appealing impression. Their design should reflect your corporate identity, and the elements, typefaces, fonts and colours that you use in other advertising materials should therefore also appear on them. It’s essential to prominently display your company’s name and logo, preferably at the top..
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Not Just for Holiday Greetings! More Ways to Use Postcards

Postcards are a popular way to send friends and family greetings while you’re on holiday. But that by no means exhausts the possibilities of these handy little cards. In private life, they are excellent for providing information, sending invitations and congratulating others, and in the business world they are a very effective advertising medium.
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Different Materials for Printing Posters

Posters have long been an essential part of advertising, and today this statement is truer than ever. They are ideal for serving as eye-catchers, advertising products on a medium- or long-term basis, attracting attention to promotional campaigns or drumming up support for candidates in political campaigns, to mention just a few of their uses. If you do a good job of designing a poster and then also optimally place it based on sociodemographic and geographical considerations, you’re practically assured of success.
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Different Types of Folds and Their Uses

Folding for Everyone: the Six Most Popular Ways to Fold Your Print Products

When it comes to folds, there are three main parameters: where the paper is folded, the direction of the fold, and the number of times it is folded. This naturally gives rise to quite a few different possibilities and permutations. Depending on the type of fold you choose, as the designer you may have to shorten the width of the pages which are folded inwards.

To optimally prepare you for this and everything else related to folding, in the following we’d like to acquaint you with the most popular folds.

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