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Go into the future with ecological paper

Despite the ongoing digitalization, the demand for paper is increasing. A European uses an average of 157 kilograms of paper per year. The US and Europe are the global leaders in paper consumption. 42 percent of the world’s paper production is processed here. For comparison: Africa accounts for only 8 kg of paper consumption per capita per year.
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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Folded Leaflet

Folded leaflets occupy the niche between a classic, unfolded flyer and a brochure. Unlike flat flyers, folded leaflets have multiple panels (also called pages or sides). Designing them is therefore a bit more complicated. Here we cover the most important aspects to help you create folded leaflets with ease:
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Good Reasons to Print Brochures

It’s always a visual and tactile pleasure to hold a professionally designed and printed brochure in your hands. And there are many good and practical reasons to get one made. It doesn’t really matter which binding system you choose: wire-O, loop-stitched, stapled or adhesive bound. Brochures are advertising and sources of information at the same time.
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The Four Biggest Misconceptions When Designing Business Cards

1.Business cards are passé – XING and Co. are the wave of the future. Wrong!

It’s simply not true that the digital revolution has eliminated the need for business cards, letterheads or any other kind of printed business document for that matter. While it’s true that people now commonly visit a firm’s website to quickly look up its phone number or other information, giving someone a physical business card during or after an actual meeting is a very personal kind of gesture. What’s more, there’s no good way to put a website in the hand of a potential business partner or future customer. Business cards have substance and can be felt, which isn’t true of digital data. The tactile experience of a card makes a much stronger impression than a website ever could.

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Avoid These Ten Mistakes When Designing Posters!

Posters are an excellent medium for advertising and attracting attention. A well-designed poster catches the eyes of passers-by, grabs their attention, appeals to them emotionally and informs them concisely and instantly. But if you want to fully tap this potential, avoid the following mistakes:
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Make an Impression with Business Stationery

In the world of business, advertising and print products are the main media used to communicate. It’s naturally also essential to have a website, but when it comes to direct face-to-face contacts it is first and foremost business stationery such as business cards, letterheads with matching envelopes, flyers and so on that will convince prospective clients that you are a professional and deserve their respect and trust.

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The World of Stickers

On packages, products, scooters, shop windows: you can always attract attention with stickers. Especially for businesses and service providers that want to increase recognition of their brand, but also for private individuals, stickers are a great way to spread information, wishes or greetings.
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The Most Popular Admission Options for Your Event

Come right on in! This works if you’re planning a corporate happening, a party, concert or disco, or any other kind of event and you want to invite all of your staff, co-workers, customers etc. But if only invited guests may attend or it’s necessary to purchase admission, there’s no getting around the need to perform checks at the entrance. There are various ways to identify who is invited or has already paid.
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