Text Alignment – Part 2: The left justified sentence

Whether in an invitation, a business card or in a magazine – the alignment of text is done in the software with one click. But when do you press which button and how can we optimize the alignment? In order to ensure that your text is always optimally readable, in the second part on text alignment, we will look at the left-aligned text, its use and its optimal settings. Part 1 of the sentence can be found here; Part 3 to the right-justified and centered sentence can be found here.
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Text Alignment – Part 1: The Justification

Left, right or even center? The best tips for text alignment

The vocabulary is reminiscent of politics, but the subject is quite another: the alignment of lines of text. Anyone who is undecided here and does not reach for the optimal orientation, on the one hand makes it difficult for the viewer to read, on the other, he may also give a false impression. We look at the usual alignment possibilities of texts and tell you the advantages and disadvantages. In the first part we deal with the justification.
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The 7 biggest mistakes in creating a print PDF

The design is finished, everyone is satisfied – and now off to the printing house with the data. Stop, at the point we hook. What must the data that goes into the printer look like, so that the layout in print also looks as planned? reveals the 7 biggest mistakes you can make when creating a print PDF and how to skip it.
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Good to know – Typographic presets in InDesign CC 2018

Tastes are different, so also with the default settings of a software. The already preset functions are not for everyone. We took a closer look at Adobe InDesign’s typographic presets for 2018 and give tips on how to best configure the software to be well-prepared typographically.

And who did not know it yet: All presettings, which are made with opened document, apply to this document. All presets that are made when no document is open apply to future newly created documents.
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The 5 best alternatives to the Times

The Times is next to the Helvetica and the Arial one of the most famous writings, perhaps even the most famous serif typeface. Pre-installed on every system, it is one of the scripts that “always go” – that is at least a widely held opinion. And precisely because we all laugh at each other – felt – second design, some designers have now also tired of her seen. And last but not least, it is simply not the right choice for every design due to its relatively large middle lengths and its rather rough effect. has embarked on a search for Plan B and introduces the five best alternatives to the Times!
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The 5 Best Tips for Adobe InDesign CC 2018

A few weeks ago, Adobe released a new version of the layout classic InDesign. Whether all updates make sense for every user remains questionable, as with any software update – but in any case version CC 2018 provides some helpful features to make the work easier and faster. has put together the 5 best tips for InDesign CC 2018!
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The 5 dos and don’ts when designing invitations

There are many reasons to celebrate – weddings, birthdays, baptisms, births and so on! For each of these occasions, a thematically fitting invitation in the form of a post or greeting card should be designed. In our blog article, we introduce you to the 5 most important dos and don’ts in the design of invitations!
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Printing technology – Worth knowing about overfilling & overprinting

Bye bye Registration Inaccuracies: Techniques for a clean print design

If several colors are printed on each other or on each other in print, it quickly leads to unclean edges and unwanted mixed colors. This may be the case with magazines, flyers and leaflets or posters and of course you do not want that. How you can prevent this with a few tricks, we explain in this blog post!
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The 5 best calligraphic fonts

Typical of a calligraphic drift is her character character with changing strength, which automatically arises when writing with a calligraphy pen. The varying line weights, combined with the handwriting character, lend the calligraphy fonts a liveliness and at the same time an elegance and individuality. The festive effect of the fonts can be used not only at Christmas time to make greetings and postcards appropriate, but also to individually decorate a page of your business card or poster.
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Recognition in the advertising design

Habits play an important role not only for children and the elderly, but for every human being. Many have a negative connotation, but habits also have advantages – they provide security, enable quick action and can serve as a basis for emotional balance. Just as familiar familiarity quickly, it is the same with the Recognized.
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