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Good to know – Typographic presets in InDesign CC 2018

Tastes are different, so also with the default settings of a software. The already preset functions are not for everyone. We took a closer look at Adobe InDesign’s typographic presets for 2018 and give tips on how to best configure the software to be well-prepared typographically.

And who did not know it yet: All presettings, which are made with opened document, apply to this document. All presets that are made when no document is open apply to future newly created documents.
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Prove Style – The 3 Rules for a great design // Rule # 1

Fill the void – Every responsible designer must have as much information as possible in order to be able to provide an appealing result. The type of printing is as important as the target group and, of course, the content. Is it a book, a brochure or a lexicon? Does the reader read the lines linearly, sentence by sentence, and line by line, or does he jump from point to point? Is he perhaps pursuing something specific that he wants to find quickly? Or does he want to quickly get an overview of the site? The various responses and the resulting multifarious requirements placed on the design leave many people undecided and uncertain. The good news is that the basic principles of a good design remain the same. In short, the guide for a good design can be reduced to three design rules.
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