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Text Alignment – Part 4: The Form Set and the Free Sentence

Where do the lines of text begin and where do you end? And what role does that actually play? When aligning the text, the designer has a lot of possibilities, and depending on the chosen orientation, the text changes its readability as well as its effect. In addition to the left-aligned, the right-justified and centered sentence as well as the justified sentence, the form set as well as the free sentence are two further ways to align text lines horizontally. introduces both variations in the final part of the text alignment series.

Bring text into shape

In the case of the form-set, the lines start and end in such a way that they give a certain shape and a contour emerges – hence the term contour set can also be explained. The use is limited because readability can be taken into account by the solid external shape in which the text is pressed, little consideration.

Clear edges, little readability

Because the outer contour dictates the state of the line ends, the formal set requires little typographic sense. Only the separations should be reworked depending on the form. Pay attention to enough characters in a line, as otherwise unsightly blocks or too large spaces between words arise. The goal of the formula is to symbolize a certain form or to create it from text; So here it is primarily about a clear-cut contour and less about the readability of the text.

Tip: If you want the text to run in a single letter, use a thick-line font for the shape of the letter.

Image source

Here the formula becomes art.

Image source

Free set for free spirits

While the formal sentence has more than just a gimmick or a piece of jewelery, the free sentence is a common stylistic device for visually structuring a few lines of text. It lacks any axis, the lines or individual words are aligned individually. Thus, the free movement requires some typographical instinct and, above all, some time. It is suitable for sayings and slogans, for short lyrics or for invitations and thanks.

Tip: Pay attention to vertically changing start and end points and avoid staircase formation.

The free sentence does not have an axis anywhere.

Image source

Whether for single lines or even single words, the free sentence requires a bit of patience, but can deliver beautiful results.


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Manuela Richter

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