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5 Motives for Your Calendars That Your Customers Are Going to Love

You may not want to hear it, but only a bit more than 100 days are left until it is Christmas. It does not matter how much preparation is done this turbulent time of the year arrives always surprisingly fast. Therefore, we help you ticking of one thing of your list already.

Design your personal calendar now as a gift for your customers or business partners for the end of the year. With this advertising gift, your customer is going to remember you and your company 365 days of the year! Obviously only if they really hang it to the wall and use it.
To achieve this a skilled design is necessary, which combines practical and emotional issues perfectly. Try to understand your customer and ask yourself: What do they really want and what do they want to see day by day? We collected the 5 most beloved motives used for calendars, which guarantees getting into the view of your customers.

1. 12 Times a Paradise

Designing photo calendars, you can and have to be as creative as possible. Besides the individualised calendar data the viewer pays the highest attention to your 12 designed pages of each month, which you therefore should present from their best sites. However, which motives does your customers want to decorate is room with? This depends on your target group of course. However, some motives have established themselves by various target groups. One highly favorited are photos of landscapes followed very closely by pictures of animals. Especially calendars with cats are an all-time favourite. Furthermore, flowers and skylines of cities are used very often and thinking a bit outside the box are pictures of modern art or abstract designs.

2. Your Company as Your Model

Using this classic motive for your personalised calendar, nothing can go wrong. But, why not presenting your company in a different, maybe more original, way? You could choose your subsidiaries as a topic. Walk through your rooms and premises open eyed and thing about how you may depict your company in 12 spectacular and unique views. Another idea could be presenting your products or services like photo-models. Setting up the right light and creating a thrilling scene your products are becoming a completely new attraction to your customers.

3. Beautiful on First Sight

Being slim it fits in the smallest corners: our slim calendars. Using it you can inform from month to month about your internal appointments. But, way more interesting for the first impression is the individual designed title page. It is important to attract and convince on first sight. To achieve this you can use your corporate design or score with an impressive motive. Choose one that is supported by slim format. It is important that your customers like your calendar enough to hang it to their wall.

4. Less Space, More Information

If you intend to support your customers with concentrated information and less design, you should choose a double-sided calendar or a pocket calendar. Doing so, you are required to narrow your design down to pure information and adding value. Show him every detail by only one view highlighting weekends and holidays in specific colours. And if you intend to distribute your calendar only in specific counties only highlight their own holidays, which add a high value and personalisation to your design. The calendar as a whole should be in your corporate design and include your logo to be recognisable by your customers over the complete year.

5. Additional Value by Corporate Design

The large format, one sided wall calendar is especially popular in offices and families. Planning vacations, appointments and meetings is easily done. Individualise this popular every day helper by including an additional holiday planer, your company events or dates of important fairs of your industry. Combined with your logo, corporate design and slogan it is a useful total package. The same design principles work also for a couple of more sites. Using a table calendar for example, you leave week by week your mark.


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Manuela Richter

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Single-Sided Wall Calendars:

DIN A3 (42.0 x 29.7 Cm)
100gsm Gloss
4/0 Full Colour (single-sided Print)

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Year Planners:

14 Sheets, with Cardboard Back
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4/0 Full Colour (single-sided Print)
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Wire-O Bound Photo Calendars:

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135gsm Gloss
4/0 Full Colour (single-sided Print)
13 Sheets, with Cardboard Back
Spiral Bound on the Short Edge of the Pad including Metal Spiral for Hang-Up

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