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6 Things Only Business Cards Can Help You Succeeding with Your business!

Business Cards – Water Under the Bridge?

It cannot be denied: We already spend our life most of the time online. Many things held in our hands printed on paper in the past does only exist online anymore. In addition, our business contacts are exchanged fast by our smartphones. If you intend to learn more about your contact in front of you just consider Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook. In such a digitalised world, is there still a place for printed business cards? We obviously say: Of course! And here are our 6 reasons.
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Basic principles of brochure design: the type area – part 1

The design of a brochure is a complex task. In contrast to business cards or postcards, the scope of a brochure generally means that the designer has considerably more areas to get to grips with. This not only means more work, it also means there needs to be a clear structure. The type area, i.e. the printed area of a brochure, conveys the first impressions to the reader, and provides an overview as well as the necessary framework, literally. The art of the getting type area right is to achieve an optimal and harmonious relationship between the printed and the unprinted areas of the page, giving due consideration to the given necessities.
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Prove Style – The 3 Rules for a great design // Rule # 1

Fill the void – Every responsible designer must have as much information as possible in order to be able to provide an appealing result. The type of printing is as important as the target group and, of course, the content. Is it a book, a brochure or a lexicon? Does the reader read the lines linearly, sentence by sentence, and line by line, or does he jump from point to point? Is he perhaps pursuing something specific that he wants to find quickly? Or does he want to quickly get an overview of the site? The various responses and the resulting multifarious requirements placed on the design leave many people undecided and uncertain. The good news is that the basic principles of a good design remain the same. In short, the guide for a good design can be reduced to three design rules.
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ID Tutorial: 6 steps to Folded Flyer

Multi-page folded leaflets are good for presenting a company or service, announcing events or as a manual or a menu card – leaflets are the right all-rounder! In just 6 steps, we’ll show you how to successfully meet the requirements for page break and page width with Adobe InDesign. Here we go!

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Print data Checklist – 10 tips that you should pay attention to

In order to complete your order according to your wishes, we need to provide you with numerous data – the so-called print data. When creating these print data, however, some things can go wrong. We have compiled the Top Ten of the most common mistakes for you so that everything goes smoothly next time!
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The 5 biggest mistakes in designing flyers & folded flyers

The flyer is an inexpensive and popular advertising medium – as long as it is used optimally to be effective. If there is too little room for information on the front and back, access our folded leaflets for more content. To make your hard work worthwhile, you should take our 5 tips into account when designing your flyers!
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Office Supplies – Great appearance for small helpers

A loud noisy noise goes through every office. There are piles of notes, letters, files,  folders and much more. But where a lot of paper is, there is also plenty of printable space to present your business. Use the unused surfaces of everyday office items. In addition, invoices, offers, and end-of-paper delivery will save you a lot of paperwork with your customers. This is THE opportunity to burn your personal design, logo or slogan into your customers’ minds.  We present you the most common office articles today and how you can make an impression with your corporate identity.

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Make your print! – InkJet Brochure versus Offset Brochure

Most printed brochures are suitable for different occasions. Brochures can be made as wedding albums, or year books, and of course they are used for business. Brochures inform you about new products, an employee brochure may show new innovations in the company, and at trade fairs you can win with an informational customer brochure. Two printing processes are available for your brochure – a comparison is worth it!
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These 5 reasons convince: Why you should have your business cards refined!

A business card is intended to convey the most important information about the company. Passing the business card is a good thing. It must not be missed at any trade fair or at any meeting with a new business partner. The following five reasons show you why you can not do without a refinement of your business card:
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Business cards from old music records – A must have and not only just for music lovers

A few weeks ago, we reported that the interest in unique business card materials is very high, and we have taken the suggestions and wishes of our customers very seriously- and have made the greatest possible variety of innovative materials available to you. Our wooden business cards article – which can be found here – are the most popular! In this article, we would like to introduce you to another material that you may or may not have ever seen before.
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