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Business cards with laser cutting – The laser make wishes come true

Since May, can boast that it is likely to offer the largest range of business cards. In addition to numerous paper grades for classic business cards, we also offer some extraordinary materials such as wood, metal, plastic or vinyl. For every taste and every industry, you’ll find the right business card material to present your company, your profession or your personality in a very special way.
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Standards for Postcards

The humble postcard has a very long tradition as a means of communicating. Postcards are extremely versatile, as they can be used to send thanks, let friends and family know where you’re spending your holidays, invite people to parties etc., announce an event or send best wishes for birthdays, anniversaries or Easter. You can distribute them at trade fairs to advertise new products or use them to reach out to potential customers. Just about anything, in other words.
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Advertising flyer- a frequently underestimated advertising medium

End of work – you are in a hurry to get home. However, on your way home, your view is a small piece of paper about A5, attached to a shop window and captivating your attention. Within a fraction of a second, their brain makes a first impression of what they saw. A little later you decide to surprise your partner with the theater card offered on it.

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More possibilities – Large format printing in business and for private use

Due to its wide range of possible applications, large format print is becoming increasingly popular. The LFP printing process is applied today where formerly silkscreen printing was needed. Large-format digital printing is a technical successor of plotters. Different materials are printed thanks to high-performance ink. In the business sector as well as in the private sector, the LFP means an enrichment and a greater amount of printing possibilities.
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Go into the future with ecological paper

Despite the ongoing digitalization, the demand for paper is increasing. A European uses an average of 157 kilograms of paper per year. The US and Europe are the global leaders in paper consumption. 42 percent of the world’s paper production is processed here. For comparison: Africa accounts for only 8 kg of paper consumption per capita per year.
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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Folded Leaflet

Folded leaflets occupy the niche between a classic, unfolded flyer and a brochure. Unlike flat flyers, folded leaflets have multiple panels (also called pages or sides). Designing them is therefore a bit more complicated. Here we cover the most important aspects to help you create folded leaflets with ease:
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Good Reasons to Print Brochures

It’s always a visual and tactile pleasure to hold a professionally designed and printed brochure in your hands. And there are many good and practical reasons to get one made. It doesn’t really matter which binding system you choose: wire-O, loop-stitched, stapled or adhesive bound. Brochures are advertising and sources of information at the same time.
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