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The 1 x 1 of the magazine design: The Design Grid

Compared to the design of a business card or an arc, the design of a magazine requires a concept and some preliminary considerations, because here it is important to distribute larger amounts of text meaningfully and logically and thus easily to the reader on several pages. In this part of the articles on the magazine design, we devote ourselves to the design grid and the basic grid pattern.
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Top 7 Google fonts

The Internet giant Google is not only known as a search engine. Since 2010, Google has also been offering its font portal Google Fonts. The free font library with its constantly growing range of fonts offers attractive and high-quality fonts, among other things, despite its free use. has put together the Top 7 to help you design your magazines, business cards, flyers and greeting cards with the right font.
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The 1 x 1 of the magazine design: effect of forms

Why is one design harmonious, the other not? Why do we feel addressed by a flyer, not by another? And why do not we have a particularly good feeling with a business card, while the other is a security and a trust? A design always consists of different design elements. These include the format, the white space used, the font, the images and the colors. But did you know that graphic forms have an effect and can not be underestimated as a design element?
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The 5 best links to initial letters

The initial design loosens up and adorns the page – for example, from brochures or folded leaflets – in a very special way. Text deserts can be prevented in this way, and depending on the type of initials, a unique design style can be transported into the design. PrintCarrier. com has put together some of the most beautiful decorative initial fonts for you.
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The 1 x 1 of the magazine design: The sentence mirror – part 2

In the first part of the sentence mirroring of a magazine, we defined the web widths, that is, the whitespace between the sentence mirror and the page edge, with the number series 2: 3: 4: 5, and thus found the sentence mirror. Our goal must always be to create a harmonious relationship between printed and unprinted surfaces as well as to place the printed surface in such a way that it is not too heavy or too light but harmoniously fits into the environment – despite all external requirements Or size of text.
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Planning appointments successfully – 5 tips on how to make the most of your calendar

„Nobody plans to fail, but most fail to plan” – that’s how you can rewrite – or even explain – the daily stress of time management and task management. Appointments determine the daily routine for most people, regardless of whether they have to organise a family, a small business or a department. And all too often things get mixed up, something is forgotten or there seems to be too little time for everything. However, this daily stress is not a natural law that cannot be shaken. With a few tricks and a little rethinking, your day can be much more relaxed and effective. Today we give you 5 priceless tips on how to make the most of your calendar and avoid time-consuming mistakes.
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Become a eye catcher! – Outdoor advertising makes it possible!

Outdoor advertising (or out-of-home media as you say today) is as old as humanity itself – well, at least almost as old. Already 2,500 years ago, Egyptians chipped advertising messages in stone and set them up on streets. And in antiquity, something like advertising or information was placed on painted wooden boards in the public space. Even the so-called nostrils, which hang from the façade of shops and restaurants since the Middle Ages, are nothing else but signs. With the invention of book printing, the story of the outdoor advertising also began to take off, as from that moment, handouts could be massively printed and distributed, and the first stops and posters appeared.

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The 5 top links to upcoming trends in web design for 2018

It is already autumn and therefore it is the perfect time look at the upcoming year under a designer perspective and find out which web design trends are already looming at the horizon. Therefore, collected our Top-5 links to articles about web design trends in 2018!
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The 5 biggest errors in poster design

A poster is neither an enlarged flyer nor a large business card. When designing, it is important to observe the special circumstances under which the poster is viewed and read. has compiled the five biggest mistakes in the design of a poster.
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Tips for start-ups: Writing business letters correctly

The business letter can be intimidating at first. After all, this is a formal document that communicates a business concern to the outside world. Incidentally, a business letter is any communication that a company sends to an outsider, including order confirmations, offers, correspondence with suppliers and much more. And all these communications are subject to a number of rules, obligations, norms and practices. Now, to the bias probably a portion of confusion comes along. What MUST be included in a business letter according to commercial law? What SHOULD you insert? What is the DIN 5008 standard? What is obligatory and where do I have room for manoeuvre? Many questions we would like to answer step by step.
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