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The Seven Biggest Mistakes Made When Designing Letterheads

Letterheads are an absolute must in the business world. They represent your firm and therefore ought to make a professional, appealing impression. Their design should reflect your corporate identity, and the elements, typefaces, fonts and colours that you use in other advertising materials should therefore also appear on them. It’s essential to prominently display your company’s name and logo, preferably at the top..
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Not Just for Holiday Greetings! More Ways to Use Postcards

Postcards are a popular way to send friends and family greetings while you’re on holiday. But that by no means exhausts the possibilities of these handy little cards. In private life, they are excellent for providing information, sending invitations and congratulating others, and in the business world they are a very effective advertising medium.
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Different Materials for Printing Posters

Posters have long been an essential part of advertising, and today this statement is truer than ever. They are ideal for serving as eye-catchers, advertising products on a medium- or long-term basis, attracting attention to promotional campaigns or drumming up support for candidates in political campaigns, to mention just a few of their uses. If you do a good job of designing a poster and then also optimally place it based on sociodemographic and geographical considerations, you’re practically assured of success.
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Different Types of Folds and Their Uses

Folding for Everyone: the Six Most Popular Ways to Fold Your Print Products

When it comes to folds, there are three main parameters: where the paper is folded, the direction of the fold, and the number of times it is folded. This naturally gives rise to quite a few different possibilities and permutations. Depending on the type of fold you choose, as the designer you may have to shorten the width of the pages which are folded inwards.

To optimally prepare you for this and everything else related to folding, in the following we’d like to acquaint you with the most popular folds.

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Seven Tips for Designing Flyers to Impress

A flyer’s design supports and emphasises its message to customers. So that it makes the right impression, it’s best to start by formulating your offer. Then design the flyer around that. In the following, we explain step by step how to create your flyer for maximum impact.
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Ten Helpful Hints for Christmas Cards

You can tell from the crackers and mince pies in the shops that Christmas is just around the corner. And every year again, we all face the challenge of minimising stress during the Christmas season, both at work and in our private lives. If you run a business, this means you should start planning holiday cards for your customers and suppliers as early as possible. They’re an excellent way to thank them and strengthen your business relationships at the end of the year. The following tips will help you make not only your tree shine, but also your brand.
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New Feature in the Shop

Order Your Favourite Product with Fewer Clicks!

We want to make it as simple and pleasant as possible for you to shop with us, and therefore strive to implement your wishes and suggestions as well as we possibly can. Today we’re pleased to acquaint you with our latest new feature for customer-friendly shopping, which saves you time when ordering your favourite products.

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The Ten Loveliest Fonts for Christmas and Winter Holidays

Christmas is the season for posting cards and letters. To send good tidings to friends, family, customers and business partners, to invite them to a party or dinner, or to wish them a Happy New Year. To help you make the best possible impression, we’ve picked out the ten nicest fonts for Christmas and the holiday season.
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How to Promote Your New Year’s Eve Party

A chic, blinding bash that people will still be talking about months later: that’s what every partygoer hopes for. It’s especially important for corporate celebrations to be all-round hits, as they influence how the firm is perceived and help to shape its image. So if you’re an entrepreneur and want to appropriately usher in the New Year with your staff, customers and/or suppliers, you can’t start planning it too early. You need to put together a checklist and work through it step by step.

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